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http://www.myspace.com/cruentus01 http://www.cruentus01.com/

/ - Cruentus - / {phenomenon, disclosure} Established partially in a steril genetics lab enovoirnment, partially in the heart of the most sluttish concrete jungle, hybrid kollektive of industrial beats and mechanized harmonies, precisely architectured to become extrapolation of your present nitemares.

Cruentus is one of the most innovative contemporary metal bands with music that can be described as a complex fusion of industrial, metal, math-core and progressive. Uploading hi-energy with intense technocratic atmosphere - an… dowiedz się więcej

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  • Cruentus from Nepal, pure Himalayan Black Metal \666/
  • Nepali Cruentus \\m/
  • Not since Aborym have I heard a band that has combined industrial with black metal in such a way. Good shit.
  • Cruentus BLACK METAL
  • the band from poland is way better [insert high number]
  • Italian Cruentus - surprisingly good! 8/10
  • Neuro City Agenda! coooool
  • and good industrial metal
  • oh nice, another cyberpunk-themed band
  • good stuff 10/10

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