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Burzum - norweski projekt muzyczny, założony w 1991 roku przez Varga Vikernesa. Nazwa wywodzi się z powieści J.R.R. Tolkiena "Władca Pierścieni". Pochodzi z wiersza o Pierścieniach Władzy i w Czarnej Mowie oznacza "ciemność".

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  • gwynplaine1928, noice engrish there m8
  • Jeg reiser til mørkets dyp der alt er dødt.
  • Burzum fan or not, some people here are indeed idiot: comes here all days to post a new shit.
  • Ondrew, wtf are you talking about? Nobody here claimed to be an expert nor bitched about Varg's music. I think everybody here is a Burzum fan, except maybe that trolling blue elf fgt.
  • Pink Guy is Varg reincarnated.
  • Yup and btw: Varg and his "so-called" sympatism w/ NS/racism? R U really complete in your mind? In the Burzum/Varg's case its absolutely clear he isnt in any way a REAL f*cking NSBM, or even the REAL racist. That person just has his own perspective of perceiving our world (and in this case... HIS world, obviously). It's not 'bout some damned neonazi blabbering which's so typicall for a bunch of another REAL NSBM black metal bands out there. And, what is really paradox, those bands are in the most cases from the regions which were (during the WWII, so when the f*cking sucking Holocaust was on his rise) directly hitted by the Third Reich ideology, camps of death, crematoriums and so on. Btw, I'm from Slovakia, so I know a lot 'bout this, 'cause Im a Slavonic. All Slavonics were well prepared for the elimination (after the poor Jews and a lot of another unwanted persons). But, most of those bands're from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and so on. WTF?! Anyway, Varg is far away from THIS!
  • @first... I give a f*ck 'about the fact Varg was in a prison. Yup, all of us know that, I think he knows too, WHY he was imprisoned. So, stop being a "moral f*cker" and wake up! If Varg really burned out some churches (it wasnt completely clear all the time), well? Thx for that!!! God is dead, long live the Lucifer, the Lux keeper! What is important is Varg's music. He redefined black metal, along with mix of the dark ambient (in the black metal). Call him a criminal insane... nah... I don't care. I think he has a LOOONG time to think about himself in the prison. Now he's back and hey!!! His new creations are as good as the old ones if not better (except the album "Filosofem" which is a pure beauty in that kind of style... mixture of ambient black metal). So... all of the "experts", pls, go f*ck yourself. Who likes Burzum, he will be listening to his work till end. And if you don't like it, then STOP BIT*HING and shut the f*ck up. That's the greatest thing you can do for all the fans!
  • it is Burzday everyday you silly! ^_^
  • Is it Burzday yet?
  • Saetiah Where are you???have passed three days and no comment from you here,do not hide my little elf.

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