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André Rieu (ur. 1 października 1949 w Maastricht) - holenderski skrzypek i dyrygent.

Wychowany w rodzinie z tradycjami muzycznymi, syn dyrygenta, rozpoczął naukę gry na skrzypcach w wieku 5 lat. Od dziecka zafascynowany muzyką orkiestrową. W latach 1968-1973 studiował w klasie skrzypiec w "Conservatoire royal" (Konserwatorium królewskie) w Liege oraz Konserwatorium w Maastricht, a następnie w Akademii Muzycznej w…

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  • I am hoping someone here can help me. My mother is desperate to find an album Andre made with some ladies she swears were nuns, she thought from Africa. I can't seem to locate anything like this.....does anyone here know what she's talking about, and where I can find it? Thanks. Blessings.
  • @KeIemvor, there really is no need for that kind of comment. Although ironically it will probably encourage people to listen to him more. :) Having seen him and his orchestra live I wholly disagree with your comments. Good luck to you.
  • This guy is a disgrace to classical music and everything that it stands for. He cheaply commercializes great works of art for the ignorant masses without any sense of actual interpretation and feeling for the music. Sickening. I advise anyone to stay away from this soulless garbage if you want to get into classical.
  • ¿cuando viene a España que sea un sábado ya que entre semana trabajo
  • gracias por la musica tan buena que llega hasta el fondo del corazon me emociona mucho escuchar su musica
  • Going to my first André Rieu concert on 23rd December in Wembley (Event added). Can't wait! :)
  • Ich mag den Walzer besonders. [2]
  • Ich mag den Walzer besonders.

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