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Bake The Break serves free downloadable music with a motto
„Yummy downtempo and beats, crispy drum’n’bass”

Managed is from Poland by its founder Karel Craft, and releasing music from artists from various countries.
First two albums were released with the label’s launch in August 2011:

„The Urban Bakery 1″ — Drum’n’Bass EP containing 6 tracks from one Austrian (Konnekt) and two Polish producers: MXC and Karel Craft. Tunes vary from melodic liquid funk to more edgy dancefloor killers. One thing is sure — all the tracks are as hot as taken out straight from oven!

„City Flavor 1″ — EP with beats and electro-spiced downtempo. 3 producers (1x Austria: Chronotpimist, 2x Poland: The Night and Karel Craft) present 6 tracks in different flavors: from hypnotic, via energetic to more moody. Bitter-sweet sounds!

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