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This elite group was created to admire the great work of Corneliu Codreanu.

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu born Corneliu Zelinski (September 13, 1899 - November 30, 1938) was a Romanian Nationalist and founder of the Legion of the Archangel Michael also called the Iron guard (Garda de Fier). He was murdered while travelling to Jilava fortress.

Corneliu Codreanu was born in Huşi to Ion Zelinski Codreanu and Elizabeth née Brunner. A teacher by profession, Ion would later become a political figure within his son's Movement. A native of Bukovina in Austria-Hungary, Ion had originally been known as Zelinski; his wife was ethnically German Statements according to which Ion Zelea Codreanu was originally a Slav of Ukrainian or Polish origin contrast with the Romanian chauvinism he embraced for the rest of his life. Thus, Codreanu the elder associated with antisemitic figures such as University of Iaşi professor A. C. Cuza. Just prior to Codreanu's 1938 trial, his origins were the subject of an anti-Legionary propagandistic campaign organized by the authorities, who distributed copies of a variant of his genealogy which alleged that he was of mixed ancestry, being the descendant of not just Ukrainians, Germans, and Romanians, but also Czechs and Russians, and that several of their ancestors were delinquents.

Codreanu studied Law in Iaşi, where he began his political career. Like his father, he became close to A. C. Cuza. Codreanu's fear of Bolshevik insurrection led to his efforts to address industrial workers himself. At the time, Cuza was preaching that the Jewish population was a manifest threat to Romanians, claimed that Jews were threatening the purity of Romanian young women, and began campaigning in favor of racial segregation.
He returned from Grenoble to take part in the 1926 elections, and ran as a candidate for the town of Focşani. He lost, and, although it had had a considerable success, the League disbanded in the same year.Codreanu gathered former members of the League who had spent time in prison, and put into practice his dream of forming the Legion (November 1927, just a few days after the fall of a new Averescu cabinet, which had continued to support Cuza).

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