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Przywódcy: Knapster01
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Utworzona: 21 V 2009
Get pro tips from Last.fm staff on how to connect your music profile to the rest of your online life!

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  • Spread the Love

    Every time you love a track on Last.fm (with the heart icon) it gets added to a playlist of your über-favourite tunes. Connect Last.fm and broadcast your loved tracks to all your friends, not just the ones on Last.fm

      • Friendfeed

        Everytime you love a track it will show up in your FriendFeed. FriendFeed aggregates all your activity in one place (you can import your Last.fm plus many other sites. If you want, use the official FriendFeed Facebook Application to pull your FriendFeed activity into Facebook.

        » View FriendFeed
        » View FriendFeed Facebook App

  • Share your gig calendar

    Connect Last.fm to other event services and let your friends know which gigs you're attending! Are your gigs and events all over the shop? Find out how to organise your social life into one place and never miss a gig!

      • Events Calendar Feed

        Add your Last.fm events calendar to Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook and others.

        Go to your Last.fm events page and click on the calendar icon. This will give you a link to add to your calendar. (You can do the same to import a loved one's events into a personal or shared calendar).

        P.S. If you have your gigs on Last.fm and the rest of your social life on Facebook, get organised by adding your Facebook events to the same calendar. Just go to your Facebook Events, click "Export Events" and copy and paste the link into your calendar. Now everything's in one place!

      • Google Calendar SMS

        Never miss another gig! Get SMS alerts from Google Calendar. Just go to settings > Mobile Setup and enter your mobile information. Now you've got Last.fm gig info.

        » View Google Calendar

      • Flickr Machine Tags

        Share your gig photos with Flickr Machine tags. Just make note of the special code on any event page and tag your flickr photos with it. They'll automatically show up on Last.fm for your friends to see! See an example of photos people have machine tagged

        » View Flickr

  • Show off your top charts

    Track what you listen to The Last.fm Scrobbler and get personal top charts. There's a Scrobbler for almost every player on the planet, so hook up the ones you use and get top charts to share online.

      • Last.fm Scrobbler

        The Last.fm Scrobbler automatically fills your Last.fm profile and updates it with what you've been listening to on your computer or iPod.

        » Download the Last.fm Scrobbler

      • iPhone

        Got an iPhone or iPod Touch? Listen to free streaming radio anywhere, over WiFi, EDGE or 3G.

        » View the Last.fm iPhone Application

      • Pandora Scrobbler

        Scrobble the tracks you listen to on Pandora to your Last.fm profile.

        » View Pandora FM

      • Hype Machine Scrobbler

        Scrobble the tracks you listen to on Hype Machine to your Last.fm profile. Log into Hypemachine, click "settings", "Last.fm" and add your Last.fm username

        » View Hype Machine

      • Last.fm Image Charts

        Show off your recently listened to tracks or your top artist or tracks charts on your blog or MySpace.

        » View Last.fm Image Charts

      • Tweekly FM

        Automatically tweet your weekly top 3 artists (and your playcounts!) as a weekly update. Looks something like: Top 3 weekly #lastfm artists: Grizzly Bear - 35. Bon Iver - 31. Calvin Harris - 25. http://bit.ly/wis32

        » View Tweekly FM

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