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Similar Artists

  1. name: oiko
    circle: N-tone
    www: http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~n-tone/

  2. estha, real name Nohara Takashi (born on November 27, 1985) is a Japanese electronic music artist and the leader of doujin music circle XL Project.

  3. Taishi (泰志) is an active doujin artist and DJ notable for often incorporating other styles and instruments into trance, such as guitars, ambient,…

  4. lawy (らうぃ) is Takatoshi Tobe, a progressive house/trance producer and DJ from Tokyo, Japan. His website can be found here…

  5. Satella is a musician from Japan running Extracode.

    He is also an active member of Unitone label.

    Unitone on Beatport.

  6. qurter is a Japanese arranger and composer who worked with many doujin circles such as Code ZTS Label, I.N.T, Diverse System, mana label or…

  7. Doujin arranger

    Circle: pastyle

    Website: http://pastyle.net/

  8. aka ツナマヨ (tsunamayo), Akihiro Ohtani from Tokyo, produces mainly trance for bms, mixes progressive trance and progressive house when he DJs.

  9. Circle: Teadrops


  10. There are two artists using the name Nago.

    1. An electronic musician who began producing music in 2011. Born in '92, from Hokkaido, Kanagawa…

  11. Murase Yuta


  12. She provides vocals for CYTOKINE

    Webiste: https://twitter.com/itor1

  13. Mei Ayakura (綾倉盟, Ayakura Mei) is a female vocalist and lyricist from Hokkaido, Japan. She's best known for her many collaborations with doujin…

  14. Electronic music, doujin composer and producer. Member of Altanaphixx.

    Website: http://www.altanaphixx.com

  15. Name: Nachi Sakaue
    Circle: twinkle*twinkle

    Also known as nachi

  16. Nhato (Fukumuro Tatsuya, also known as kyu) is a Japanese DJ, producer and remixer.

    Nhato was born in Tokyo in 1987. When he was a high school…

  17. Cold Kiss is a formation bewteen Nana Takahashi from Sound Holic (as singer) and Linjin from CYTOKINE / ZYTOKINE (as composer/arranger)

  18. Tokyo, Japan (2002 - Present)

    Masayoshi Minoshima is the most prolific producer and arranger in the doujin music scene. Originally appearing as a…

  19. Ryunosuke was born in 1992 in Aomori, Japan, located on the northernmost tip of Honshu island. When he was in junior high school, he encountered…


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