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  • Avatar for Nowayve
    xxxy > XXYYXX [3]
  • Avatar for timothybarnes
    Real recognize real and xxxy is genuine article
  • Avatar for DM09
  • Avatar for Rakiestaan
  • Avatar for Ambryer
    45 min boiler room set is aw3some!
  • Avatar for Cordett
    xxxy > XXYYXX [2]
  • Avatar for affasf
    xxxy > XXYYXX
  • Avatar for sonofawidow
    this boy never disappoints.
  • Avatar for klausvoid
    activando la fiesta!
  • Avatar for elocin3s
    just discovered your work and am super jazzed about it. thankssss
  • Avatar for vyomshukla
    Progression is such a departure from his other works I feel like. So good though ^^
  • Avatar for Novermind
  • Avatar for cosmogyral
    So goood.
  • Avatar for MarcusRimondini
    Preview of the new EP due February 4th.
  • Avatar for sexparty
  • Avatar for Mixch
    Aaaaaand i found porn ;d
  • Avatar for Mixch
    I hate when I want to get to know some new artist I need to browse through some random boards to find his tracks. WEll let the search commence!
  • Avatar for robotpwnsyou
    Love love love it
  • Avatar for Silverchain69
    fuNky awesome shit
  • Avatar for ftwrandom
    Disclosure is close to his style.
  • Avatar for kid_aleex Interview with XXXY
  • Avatar for marucru
  • Avatar for arritimika
    Amazing tunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for DDoeleman
    New EP is amazing
  • Avatar for Shoegazer29
    After getting to know the Everything EP, and listening to it and You Always Start It/Ordinary Things 10" back to back, I am slightly disappointed with the new material. His tracks are still good and highly danceable, but my impression is they're less dense and haven't evolved in any way. Here's hoping he steps out on a limb with his next release, or I might start to get bored with his aesthetic.
  • Avatar for ChelseaSmile95
    Very good music.
  • Avatar for dashd-sh1
    i know this (can't be love)
  • Avatar for magic_natural
  • Avatar for FOXDEW
    Ickyby: Thx! Had problems finding it!
  • Avatar for Djakedown
    This guy keeps on consistently improving and he's getting seriously good with I know this can't be love. Amazing track
  • Avatar for garretlittler
    I Know This Can't Be Love is so fucking gooooooooooooooooood. one of my favourites of 2012 so far.
  • Avatar for Ddomasi
    хххуй [2]
  • Avatar for maja1901
    I Know This Can't Be Love! such a tuuuuune!
  • Avatar for huiva
    please listen
  • Avatar for Giba-G
  • Avatar for wrapitup95
  • Avatar for TangerineStars
  • Avatar for digifruitella
    yeah i agree, it certainly does seem so doesn't it.
  • Avatar for facingeast
    Joy Orbison started a revolution with this shit, I swear. AMAZING.
  • Avatar for televat0r
    OK, "open your eyes" is better.
  • Avatar for televat0r
    not really feeling the new one. oh well. he's allowed to try something new.
  • Avatar for no-thanks
    yess bringn back the amenn
  • Avatar for break22
    He's good
  • Avatar for womenwomen
    you gotta do you
  • Avatar for Paulercoffee
    Ordinary Things is just the jam <3 Like wooah
  • Avatar for ov3rcast
    Love "You Always Start It". Keep it up. The sound works nicely.
  • Avatar for Mrlemonjelly
    ... Although I'm not especially keen on Ordinary Things. This Much and Reflections are better.
  • Avatar for Mrlemonjelly
    This guy is a genius.
  • Avatar for Metaru_Srug
    ready for more
  • Avatar for Comet_Course
    Killing it on the regular.


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