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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) London DJ
2) Finnish fusion band
3) Japanese pop rock band
4) New Orleans rap
5) Swedish synth duo
6) indie rock band from Taiwan
7) UK melodic rock

1) XL has been a DJ since 1992 playing around various London venues and radio stations. He is now producing Music ranging from Funky House to Breaks. XL brings a unique club sound to Extreme Sounds and his track 'On the Move' is one of many tracks that have hit the road running. His new track 'Smoking Lounge' has been release via Digital Download with the vocal version being released later in 2007.

2) XL was a Finnish / band active 1992 - 2003. The band quit in good spirit coz of the lack of inspiration and need to concentrate on new challenges. The members still actively continue making music in other projects, including Jarmo Saari Solu, Turgan Trio, Fat Beat Sound System, How Many Sisters, and others.

Arttu Takalo - vibes
Jarmo Saari - guitar
Tuure Koski - bass
Tomi Salesvuo - drums
Dj. Bunuel - sound effects

3) XL was a short lived pop rock band from Japan, active from 1997 through 1999. Their "O・K!" single was used as an ending theme for the cult anime series Hatsumei Boy Kanipan. Outside of that single, the band only released one album, which was self-titled, in July of 1998. The lead vocalist, Onishi Terukado, went on to produce artists and idols such as Aira Mitsuki, Saori@destiny, Aiuchi Rina, Harenchi Punch and KOR=GIRL.

4) XL was born in New Orleans, raised in the 17 Ward of Hollygroove. At a early age began rapping & developing his own style battling & making a name for himself among friends & DJ's in his area.

5) XL was a shortlived project from Malmö, Sweden consisting of synthwizard Eddie Bengtsson (Page, S.P.O.C.K and Siste Mannen På Jorden) and singer Katarina Larke. In 1987 they shared a vinylsingle with Page with their track "Sorg flyg bort" "(Translates - Sorrow fly away)"

6) XL is an indie rock band from Taiwan. Their songs were featured on the popular Taiwanese drama "Devil Beside You". They have only released one full-length album up to this day called "XL". XL have been described as the "Chinese Linkin Park".

7) XL was a UK / band from 1992 consisting of the the brothers Mike Jones ( aka Mikey Jones ) & Chris Jones.

From their 1992 EP Rock All Over You : "The perfect marriage of muscle and melody, power and pop sensibility. Tunes to bang your head and tap your foot in equal measure. In short, unashamed radio music at a time when radio has become almost a swearword. Two brothers, one purpose ! To put British rock back on top in the manner achieved in the early eighties by the likes of Def Leppard, Whitesnake and their kind."

XL evolved into UK / band Freefall, which then itself evolved, with the addition of Nick Workman into the UK / band Kick.

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