• Top 100 Releases of 2007 + 2 "Year in Music" Playlists

    10 Jun 2008, 06:47 by landmarcattack

    Seeing as it's the beginning of June 2008, I figure now would be the perfect time to release a "Best of 2007" list. I just realized I never put mine on last.fm, which seems like the first place I should have thought to post it. Here you will find 100 albums, EPs, and splits of exceptional quality meticulously ordered by the very precise criteria of how much I enjoyed listening to them. I've included genres to give you an idea as to what type of music each band makes if you haven't heard of them before, and it's obviously not comprehensive or even entirely accurate. In addition, I've indicated what I consider to be a song of special note on each album, which means it's either the best track on there, one of the best ones, or just very interesting and warrants special attention.

    But why would you care about this considering how late in the year this is and how many top whatever lists are out there? What you should get out of this are the two mixes I made…
  • Top Albums Of 2007

    19 Dec 2007, 03:31 by ajlvt

    Capital - Homefront
    Great melodic hardcore from Long Island featuring the former vocalist of Silent Majority. My favorite current Revelation band, since Shook Ones, End of a Year, and Sinking Ships all left this year. This album features a great mix of short, hard-hitting hardcore songs, some 3 minute plus songs, and great, thoughtful lyrics about topics such as illegal immigration, financial struggle, and unnecessary mosh parts in hardcore songs.

    Ambitions - Stranger
    The premier full length from the Connecticut melodic hardcore band, Ambitions, featuring ex-members of With Honor, is awesome. There are some straight-forward hardcore songs, and some near rock songs. The last song on the album features Pat Floyd, the lead singer of Have Heart.

    Unrestrained - Appleseeds
    Unrestrained is a Vermont hardcore band. They feature two members of the Thorp Records band, My Revenge! This album is heavily influenced by 90's hardcore bands such as Strife, Trial, and Outspoken. …