THE RADIO was begined about september 96, founded by two similar vision friends : byyou (bayu) and ketet (yuli.h) in a marginal area of bekasi city or called by them as bekasi city rockers. byyou And ketet is 2 crony people which its house bunch up, they have played in one band since siting in junior high school about year 1995 so called MARIO BROSS, where byyou is similar with mario and ketet is luigi with handy and jefri, punk rock and ska unite them each time MARIO BROSS reside in the studio with the song of green day, the exploited, ramones, the special up to waiting room (indonesian ska leader‘96). MARIO BROSS have never created a demo album and only have the time to come up 1 shows in local event around byyou & ketet residence but it was a memorable gigs with a hundred crowd go wild. Because something personal problem, MARIO BROSS break up and personel which still hold out is byyou, ketet and handy, latter handy also joint with punk rock band called SPIDER BLUE and so omit byyou and ketet remained, although don’t have the band but they remain to play music with either in studio or in boundary walke, wasted time with punk rock event which that moment almost each month performed in bekasi is very pleasant things and awaited by them.

All the things change at november 1996 byyou see a video at ketet house, later then during some times byyou listen all that band album and says to ketet ‘let we play such kind of that punk rock’ to facilitate that, he move on to look for the bassist which omit must near by their residence for flexibelity, choice fall to melon (adhi kurnia) which that moment almost joint with the band of skin head nazi, melon as real is a guitarist but byyou explain that for the bass player he required somebody with guitarist skill, and then three kid form THE RADIO which the name taken away from one of very admired song and always become the inspiration of ketet & byyou life. THE RADIO come up for the first time at an anniversary party without even practice or play a song at studio, just hearing from cassete but again it was 2 rad man that make the difference with the show, crowd go wild again just like a hot night whirlwind before. After several times, name of THE RADIO start recognized around, joining various event of music punk outside their town, idealism ala youngster very typical with them.

Later then, it was year 1999 has joined pitak (ipul) fill the guitar but again because a clash mind as a band which according to him have no vision of a band so that he walked away, he even also decide to joint with a success one called SABOTAGE which yield one split album. Where as just THE RADIO still play for their love, for the inspiration, for the community they grow up. in fact byyou have writed some song since MARIO BROSS disband among other things : jefri & ghost town. Later Then a rad man called badil joined which have time to come up just one show at Lipstick café Block M where THE RADIO come up under less than 3 minute by bringing only 2 fast blast tempo song and go out from the stage, some people says that it was a wasting stuff but for the boys it was a punk rock rules. then afterwards badil even also out to other dissimilar band. THE RADIO quote by him as a dreamer band which keep the dream stay closed.

Up to year 2000 THE RADIO have never made an album or demo live even also, until About year 2001 come a so called old friend success named Martin Wahyudi open the mind and succeed to bring the THE RADIO make the demo live for the first time in a hip hop studio brothers at riau street, bandung city and recorded one song ‘punk rock story’ but finally martin surender and chose to go after several times, acording to him ‘that band was absolutely dreamer, its just fells like burning a hole in a pocket’(byyou write a song which dedication to his mentor. entitled martin wahyudi). but Nowadays THE RADIO have experienced with metamorfosis time, street journey shake opened their mind, always keep street journey with each every experience have a lot influencing their idealism in playing music, until year 2003 THE RADIO have never come up in bekasi and for the first time the band sold out gigs at sport centre bekasi at 2004 with another succes band called TRASH LINE. THE RADIO defined by byyou as ‘ street class punk band with street point level of view’, citing utterance of lars frederikcsen from RANCID.

And nowadays THE RADIO on the plan to release a debut album at 2010 without a vision from anyone, they just realize this is the right time to tell the world their dream about an ideal world, a world where people get mature and start to think hard about their direction of life, the one we awaited of course because for many reason they just like a mysterious band, many songs like : valentine suck, sapulidi99 or rasakan is an anthem for the kid who hang out along the sapulidi street but where is the album? issues around that maybe a superb one from the debut album is contain 23 song, which in each song deputize an era, an era when two rad man shock a peacefull village, an era when for the first time this band seeing by people at an anniversary party, an era when punk rock have become the commodity and commonplace, about community, disappointment, death, dedication, love and of course the yarn squeeze is a memory thats in and out untill they have made and form THE RADIO burst and hold out during almost 10 year.

‘we have a lot different meaning of succes, come on its punk rock! (byyou the radio)

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