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13 Jan 2011 | from

News about "Endless Lullabies". The album will most likely be released in the end of February. I am very very very excited about this album.

The album is composed from three continuous movements -

I. Movement I:
01. the Endless Blooms
02. the Eternal Nightmare
03. the Still Silent Years (Hydrocodone)
04. the Multiverse
II. Movement II:
05. the Darkest Swan
06. the Time Addict's Looking Glass
07. the Sadness Within the Rose
III. Movement III:
08. the High Star
09. the Endless Lullabies

The approximate time for each movement is about 35-40 minutes, and I could say that separate movements act as separate acts of the story in the album. I remind you, Endless Lullabies is the third and final part of my conceptual Low Star Trilogy (first part was 'Lonesone Sky in H Minor', even though the official story was never published with the album; second part was 'Constellations' with story in the storybook). In this album, the nameless protagonist deals with an idea of eternal life.

Also, I might publish the "Low Star" novel later in 2011, as a full trilogy story release in one book.

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  • blue_light_888

    Really pumped up for this release.

    February 2011
  • boredmx

    Well, you will still have to wait.. :)

    April 2011
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