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the French Electric
If Joy Division had met The Cure in a studio and jammed out a few songs they would have created the sound that The French Electric have made their own. With dark lyrics, hard bass lines and swirling electro synths they could easily be mistaken for an 80s goth band but the originality and contemporary guitar leads and vocal lines snaps into focus that this is a band of 2013.

Das Surf, released on Liquid Release in 2011 was praised by Joyzine describing 'each song is as good as the last' with a great cross over potential from 'indie to moody goth to classic 80's rock with maybe a quick gaze at each others shoes in between'.

After several line up changes the quintet finally settled and honed their sound to produce the hard hitting Pharaoh. The song takes you 'careering down a hill in a shopping trolley with no brakes' as stated by The Sound of Confusion. Armed with a video, available here, The French Electric invite you into the world of a 70s mobster who looks back over his life, full of regrets. The drums and synth allow you to wander into pop rock, whilst the bass, vocals and guitar take you into 80s moody goth. This is truly a genre that The French Electric own. Hear it here, on Last.FM

Simon Board - Vocals
Wayne Owens - Guitar/ Vocals
Jim Rhesus - Bass
Andrew Bowker - Drums
Emma Cooper - Synths/ Vocals

“If Editors had found fuzz pedals before pianos you might be getting close, if the Lost Boys had been
filmed in East London you would be closer still.”


Eroded: “It’s an intense, angular mix of dark electro pop and post punk with a deep vocal, and one of those rare songs that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with excitement the first time I heard it.”


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