• Lord of the Suck Suck

    4 Aug 2007, 14:38 by descolada99

    So I headed out last night with the idea to see the Born Again Floozies at Radio Radio in Indianapolis. they are great fun always good to see live.

    Their opener was Lord Of The Yum-Yum, a guy I'd heard about before and was sort of intrigued by.

    Now imagine a family taking a Family Truckster style road trip vacation from Connecticut to California. There's Mom, Dad and Little Billy. Little Billy has ADD. But.. oh no! Mom forgot Little Billy's Ritalin!! By the time the Family Truckster gets to Nebraska, Little Billy never shuts up and is singing random gibberish sing-songs and using the seat in front of him for a drum. Mom wants to kill Little Billy, Dad wishes he'd stayed home and kept banging his Secretary and Little Billy cluelessly keeps shouting gibberish and calling it his new songs.

    THAT is Lord of the Yum-Yum.

    That is also why for the first time I up and walked out of a concert. I just couldn't stay any longer after the first few "songs". …