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  1. Satella is a musician from Japan running Extracode.

    He is also an active member of Unitone label.

    Unitone on Beatport.

  2. lawy (らうぃ) is Takatoshi Tobe, a progressive house/trance producer and DJ from Tokyo, Japan. His website can be found here…

  3. Composer (Trance /TechDance /Ambient - DJ:Drum'n Bass )

    Circle: Black Berry Recordings…

  4. Electronic music, doujin composer and producer. Member of Altanaphixx.


  5. There are two artists using the name Nago.

    1. An electronic musician who began producing music in 2011. Born in '92, from Hokkaido, Kanagawa…

  6. DJ and electronic music producer

  7. ric is an alias of AKIRA YAMAOKA under which he composed Bemani songs featuring riewo on vocals.

  8. name: oiko
    circle: N-tone

  9. Taishi (泰志) is an active doujin artist and DJ notable for often incorporating other styles and instruments into trance, such as guitars, ambient,…

  10. Ryunosuke was born in 1992 in Aomori, Japan, located on the northernmost tip of Honshu island. When he was in junior high school, he encountered…

  11. Circle: Digital Logics


  12. He is a DJ and a composer. Also known as DJ Tsubame, tsubasa hasumi.

    Circle: Light Notes Recordings

  13. stereoberry is a Japanese house/trance producer. He started production for BMS (Be-Music Script) around the year 2001, and from there, he was…

  14. Nakaji Motome

    Circle: Tokyo Audio Waffle


    Tokyo Audio Waffleは携帯可能な音楽カフェ。

  15. 1. puru is a Japanese electronic music producer. Progressive/Trance/Down Tempo/Electronic/Dub Step.


    2. Puru…

  16. name: ziki_7
    circle: Dust_Box_49

    Other alias' include ziki_777, Elizabethan Collar (エリザベスカラー), and Ponerin-kakka…

  17. Nino Yukihide

    Circle: Tokyo Audio Waffle

  18. Nhato (Fukumuro Tatsuya, also known as kyu) is a Japanese DJ, producer and remixer.

    Nhato was born in Tokyo in 1987. When he was a high school…

  19. Circle: Yellow mapleleaf


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