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Surviving Desire was a band with roots in the early 80s and late 70s progressive rock movement, influenced heavily by music. It started in Portland, OR in 2000 by Michael Daniewicz(guitar) and Amy Daniewicz (bass), who soon recruited Cedric Justice on drums. They were a trio for about 2 years when Justice convinced the rest of the band to try out his former vocalist (of Diao) PJ Vanek-Blackhorse.

Blackhorse was instituted as the lead vocalist practically instantly. Blackhorse brought a heavy world influence in the vein of Peter Gabriel to the band's mostly Rush-influenced sound. The band began experimenting with more percussion, such as shakers and hand drums. Blackhorse was also a flautist and multi-instrumentalist. This honed the more tribal influences prevalent in Justice's playing, which threw in the dynamics of Dead Can Dance and Sky Cries Mary. The result was a practically indescribable, but musically dynamic and solid, genreless band.

Surviving Desire was primarily a recording project for the band. They recorded two EPs at Opal Studio in Portland, OR under the direction and production of Kevin Hahn.

Justice left the band in 2004, joining Railer and continuing his career with theXplodingboys, Portland's tribute to the Cure. PJ and Michael have reformed the band as the Thirteenth Floor.

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