• What the f--k was qmas_qwrj

    15 Oct 2007, 10:10 by Ceoltum

    Hey there.

    Just wanted to write that electronic music behind awful artist name qmas_qwrj was added to lastfm service. Doctor Yog Sothoth said once that "the musiq of qmas_qwrj comes from somekind of strange place beyond unusual and outstanding inhibitions of human mind". Maybe he was right. To that Antti added "this is music for sniffing glue" but he was too wasted to understand the real meaning of how someone can experiment with the sound without use of crappy substances like that.

    Anyway, q_q's first, and pretty much the last album painajaismaista_ep (nightmarish in London) was originally released by Act of the Devil on CDR in 2001, and it is now freely available in MP3's if anyone's interested.