• Top 10 Witch House Albums ( of now imo)

    9 Mar 2012, 00:46 by Valgradis

    The first time I heard witch house was Salem's King Night and I knew instantly that I loved it. The overbearing synths and modern rap beats fused sometimes with angelic vocals and haunting melodies is the perfect music for me. This is subject to change as I have in the past gone through my variable stages of genre obsession. It doesn't change the fact that right now, I love it and I can't get enough of it. I constantly check my list of sites to see what artists or albums have released or will release. I'm following it and expecting it to soon blow up in the mainstream (like dubstep) and then I'll see it everywhere, which I wouldn't really complain about making it easier to access.

    There is the undefined nature of the genre. Mixing artists like Salem in with the likes of Air Tycoon (which I don't consider witch house) doesn't make much sense considering their elements are few and far between but I can understand the association. I'll say this upfront: when I look for witch house I don't look for noise…