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Pentastar first started in 2006 with Arnaud Schmitz (Guitars), David Barra (Bass) from Number Nine Experiment & Cyrille Toussaint (Drums / ex-Heaven). The crew was completed with Julien Stark, a young guitarist met during jam-sessions. The first rehearsals were based on jams (Black Sabbath, Daevid Allen, The Stooges songs). All the band's members being composers, a tracklist is quickly formed by original songs and favourite covers (Earth, Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, Saint Vitus, …). The name Pentastar is a tribute to Earth, a band from Seattle, lead since the early 90's by Dylan Carlson. As a matter of fact, the 1996 album « Pentastar : In The Style Of Demons » is the major influence of the band's sound. Moreover, 2 tracks from this LP (« High Command » & « Tallahassee ») were the most played covers by Pentastar. Many other bands such as The Melvins, Sunn O))), and Nirvana has been influenced by Earth.
Pentastar's first official gig was a Halloween Party, on october 28th 2006.This first line-up toured until February 2007. David Barra being remplaced by Alexandre "Sweater" Omeljanczyk on Bass. Pentastar Mark II first concert took place in Etzling, on April 14th 2007. Late June, the group is the subject of a report broadcast on TV8. From June to September, Pentastar performs around France and Germany. On these shows, members from Number Nine Experiment appears as special guests, like Jeff Bonischo on Vocals, David Barra on Bass, Eddy Bellatel on Percussions … On Mid-September, Cyrille Toussaint is replaced by Eddy Bellatel on Drums. January 2008, the band records a CD entitled "Electrical Wire Chopped Inside" and spends the rest of the year to promote it with many concerts. In October, Pentastar welcomes a new bassist: Gab Helfenstein. The line-up will remain unchanged until the group split in April 2009.
Site: http://fxofxs.yolasite.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/pentastarband
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