• Of Montreal release a powerful EP that picks up where False Priest left off

    29 Mar 2011, 00:25 by Groovemine

    Artist: of Montreal
    Album: thecontrollersphere
    Label: Polyvinyl


    Priest’s “You Do Mutilate?” and creates another freakishly frightening sonic landscape with the spoken word coming down to us through a backdrop of apocalyptically overdriven noise and feedback. A sort of live energy side of of Montreal that is rarely captured on disc is evident here, drenched in the noise of caterwauling guitars and drums that are wild and more present than usual. Per usual, of Montreal releases some of the tracks have rather eccentric titles, such as “Flunkt Sass Vs. The Root Plume.” The track starts off innocently enough with a gently strummed acoustic guitar appearing for all of ten seconds before exploding into a tripped out, layered nightmare that is perfectly depicted by the cover art, which is done again by Kevin’s brother David. The song continues to build as Barnes screams out in his best Ziggy Stardust, sounding like he is re-entering the atmosphere after space travel without the aid or protection of a shuttle. …
  • of Montreal - "False Priest"

    29 Aug 2010, 00:50 by Quartertonality

    (Original post can be found here: http://quartertonality.com/2010/08/28/album-review-of-montreal-false-priest/)

    Kevin Barnes and company are back with another album full of arty, psychedelic tunes. This time out they have employed the help of producer Jon Brion to bring us 13 over the top tracks that showcase an affinity for funk and soul music that mixes well with the band’s penchant for writing quirky pop tunes.

    of Montreal is one of those bands that is not satisfied sitting still from album to album. Their sound changes and grows as they continue to explore new territory. “False Priest”, their most recent release (out September 14, 2010 on Polyvinyl), positions them as a pop-funk band with falsetto vocals and thumping bass lines as the centerpieces for their brand of arty rock. There is still the usual layered production and complex songwriting that fans of the band have come to expect throughout the years, as well as a pronounced use of infectious melodies and catchy pop hooks placed liberally throughout. …