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ODD MODERN is the Los Angeles based indie-electro band whose infectious beats and inspired lyrics, hidden behind the duo’s unassuming nature, catches many off guard and straddles the line between the electronic and the organic.
Formed in 2006, Odd Modern is comprised of Vanina Alfaro (keyboards/vocals) and Girardeau Berdin (drums/vocals). Both were looking for the perfect counterpart to their personal musical styles, and they found it…on Craigslist. Soon after Vanina answered Girardeau’s ad, they discovered a similar musical admiration and released their first record Caspian Sea Sick, a melodically dreamy, yet electrifying endeavor.
While trying to perfect their unique sound, Odd Modern meshed music and an exciting live light show with performances at SXSW, Spaceland, The Viper Room, Beauty Bar Las Vegas, The Dakota Lounge, Crash Mansion and Silver Factory Studios, to name a few. The band soon plans on adding more venues and cities to the list.
With several EPs and an album in their repertoire, Odd Modern will release their second record Contrary to Popular Belief. in May 2010. Having matured musically and lyrically, the duo’s sound extends from invigorating “Bangalore” to down-right cheeky “Devil May Care” to the ornate simplicity of “Passersby.” Odd Modern have crafted a record filled with unabashed pop songs, modern disco, and…..

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