• The People’s Key steps away from the rustic Americana towards thunderous…

    10 Feb 2011, 19:36 by Groovemine

    Artist: Bright Eyes
    Album: The People’s Key
    Label: Saddle Creek


    The People’s Key is the final breath of an oft-engaging band known as Bright Eyes. The band had a lot of ups and downs, but the ups always outweighed the downs. The album isn’t meant to be an obituary; it’s rebellious in comparison to other Bright Eyes’ records. The band makes like a supernova, and goes off with a bang.

    Though Bright Eyes’ latest begins oddly, it evokes a feeling of searching for veracity. The album opens with Danny Brewer—a friend of oberst and Refried Ice Cream guitarist—telling an account of UFOs in ancient times, reptilian extraterrestrials breeding with humans, and tales of other universes. Through various stories told by Brewer throughout the album (topics that include the unknown, the known, the beginning and end of humanity, and being compassionate), a common motif is presented...

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