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My Rain, My Music. All I Need…. Rain is Natural Relaxation and enhances everything. is a collection of recorded rain events, formed in the United States in 2009. The original album "Raining Relaxation" consists of multiple 4:00 to 10:00 tracks.

As outlined on the official website features organic sounds. ALL real raindrops, real rain patter, real drizzle and real thunder, NO instruments. Simply Nature at it's Best. -

All of the sounds and compilations featured on Raining Relaxation and are recorded during precipitation events. This technique duplicates the real atmosphere of an unpredictable rain storm and many believe much better than a studio or artist tailoring sounds to simulate mother nature.

The sounds of rain by is intended to mix and enhance your favorite pass time. Reading, Music, Sleeping or simply Relaxing.

myRainMusic shares many quotes and feelings concerning Rain & Music.

♫ Rain & Music is Love ♥
♫ Rain & Music is Joyful ♥
♫ Rain & Music is Peaceful ♥
♫ Rain & Music is a Journal ♥
♫ Rain & Music have Feelings ♥
♫ Rain & Music have Emotion ♥
♫ Rain & Music tell Stories ♥
♫ Rain & Music is Unpredictable ♥
♫ Rain & Music is Exciting ♥
♫ Rain & Music holds Memories ♥
♫ Rain & Music is LIFE
♫ Rain & Music is ME
♫ I Love myRainMusic

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