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  1. Circle: Alstroemeria Records

  2. Mei Ayakura (綾倉盟, Ayakura Mei) is a female vocalist and lyricist from Hokkaido, Japan. She's best known for her many collaborations with doujin…

  3. Tokyo, Japan (2002 - Present)

    Masayoshi Minoshima is the most prolific producer and arranger in the doujin music scene. Originally appearing as a…

  4. New alias of 坂上なち (Sakaue Nachi).

  5. Name: Nachi Sakaue
    Circle: twinkle*twinkle

    Also known as nachi

  6. nomico (のみこ, born on February 18) is a Japanese vocalist and voice actress.

    Nomiko started her career in 2004 on the doujin music scene by…

  7. Takanashi Toriko

    Circle: Alstroemeria Records


  8. Furukawa Mirin

  9. Vocalist: 美里 (みさと) Misato

  10. Name: Tsukiyama Sae
    Circle: Amateras Records

  11. Murasaki Hotaru

    Circle: EastNewSound

  12. She provides vocals for CYTOKINE


  13. Vocalist: 市松椿 (Ichimatsu Tsubaki)
    Circle: syrufit

  14. Name: Hanasaki Anna

    Circle: EastNewSound

  15. 3L is the main alias of 安保さゆり (Sayuri Anpo), a well-known vocalist, and occasionally lyricist, of the japanese doujin music scene. She has performed…

  16. name: Ayumi Nomiya
    circle: honey☆bitter, anima, ALiCE'S EMOTiON

  17. Misato (美里), also known as Misty, is a Japanese female vocalist and a former member of the defunct doujin music circle U−Key☆ミ.
    She often…

  18. Syrufit (Studio "Syrup Comfiture"), also typeset as syrufit, is a duo consisting of two Japanese electronic music creators - and TAK-sk.…

  19. Cold Kiss is a formation bewteen Nana Takahashi from Sound Holic (as singer) and Linjin from CYTOKINE / ZYTOKINE (as composer/arranger)


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