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"sound of faith " is available in CD format at the Melle Johnson[/url} store or on Amazon. Produced by Andy Dana and I at Soundlux, Aurora, CO. It is a blend of pop and folk that I like to call quantum folk.

I produced the album with no gaps to bring out the continuity from one track to the next. sound of faith" is a New Age recording, in regards to the creative process used in making it. It’s probably one of the more… unique albums ever released under the New Age banner. I hate to say much more than that except to add that the album is only half done. It’s now up to you to complete it, with your mind, your ears and your soul.

Affirmative prayer, intention, and meditation were used throughout the production of the album. I wanted to experiment with these ancient technologies in this brave new musical world of digital technologies. An album is about the sounds that are made, the sounds that get left out and the general atmosphere around the creation of the music, the cover art etc.

Quantum folk combines the authentic spirit of simple music with an intention to affect at the gut emotional level. Unlike folk music, it is concerned with the present and how it affects the future and the past. Influences for the album ranged from Brian Wilson, U2, John Lennon, Neutral Milk Hotel, to writers such as Esther Hicks, Paulo Coelho and Marcelo Gleiser.

“sound of faith” contains songs written over the past three years. The lower case spelling of the album is meant to emphasize the more generic connotation of faith. This is an album about what I have faith in, obstacles to that and contains all the things I love about music. These songs aren’t mine so much as labeled with my energy. They are containers that I have invited my friends, spirits, guides, all those around me to fill up with their sounds, feelings and emotions.

I’ve usually worked with bands so it was important that this album not be an abdication of responsibility. Frankly it scared me not having a full band behind me. I stood in the light of focus and peace and I accepted full responsibility as a solo artist.

Of course, no one is an island. A solo artist is such a misnomer. I had friends such as Andy Dana who produced the entire record, played drums. I mean the withdrawals I made on the favor bank are immense.

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