• More January catch up

    Fev 3 2008, 14h45 por thisisall1word

    Radiohead - Jigsaw Falling Into Place
    After the fantastic solo LP from Thom I was expecting very good things from the latest release but this isn't close to matching anything from The Eraser. GOod to hear a real sense of urgency around the tempo but the production of the song is too fractured; it just doesn't sound like you are listening to a band working together, the vocal line sounds so seperate from the rest of the track that it may as well be billed as Radiohead featuring Thom Yorke and its only at the end where the two seperate strands are pulled together into some cohesion but its too late by then.
    Just wondering if recording with Nigel Godrich provides too much of a comfort zone and if they shouldn't force themselves to work with someone who can kick em up the arse once in a while... oh, and can we clean up the vocal lines at some point? It sounds like their being double tracked slightly out of sink and key...
    Live Videotape on the flip is funeral paced but lovely and menacing.
  • Screw You Pitchfork.

    Jan 7 2008, 12h17 por dr_moreau

    I recently acquired múm's new album, Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy. I reluctantly bought it, having read various negative reviews from sites such as Pitchfork Media (5.7) as well as a relatively low Metascore (66).

    Having been a big fan of their earlier work, I was eager to see what the band would sound like now that a member had left and the lineup had shifted a little. This was one of the major criticisms from the bulk of the reviews: The band and its sound had changed, so the album therefore paled in comparison to any of the previous recordings.

    The first track, Blessed Brambles begins with many familiar sounds, but it is immediately differs from older albums with the presence of male voices and stronger instrumentation. This theme carries on through the rest of the album, peaking with the development of the track Marmalade Fires.

    The second half of the album shows what Múm's new sound is truly capable of. They've produced some amazing tracks (Listen to I Was Her Horse or Dancing
  • Cut-Paste FM Playlist 16.10.2007

    Nov 20 2007, 22h12 por lukatoyboy