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  • wow this is god.
  • Lovesliescrushing saved Christmas.
  • Chorus is just lovely.
  • I want to order Chorus but neither on myspace or Automatic label I cant reach them... what a pity
  • Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.
  • new album is... celestial :)
  • Absolutely amazing... perfect music to get lost in.
  • Youreyesimmaculate <3 <3 <3
  • Bloweyelashwish was amazing. I owned it years ago when Projekt records was thriving (back in the late 90's). Hard to find it on Emule.
  • Hahahahaahahahahaha helloelan haha
  • can something be more perfect? scott cortez is GOD
  • still looking for chorus. . .and girl.echo.. . . (rarities collection)
  • lol. right.
  • This band is weird. I want to hear more music like My Chemical Romance.
  • I need to hear more llc stuff. .Are all the albums of a similar standard?
  • this boxset sounds amazing
  • is anyone selling Chorus yet?!?!?
  • babysbreath could've come straight off of Loveless
  • Wow
  • i agree with micahnewman completely, you need that album!


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