• Bands I've Seen Live

    10 Jul 2014, 17:08 by Dead2U

    Ever since seeing these lists here on, I’ve really wanted to do one. I also continue to go to more and more shows and this once non-existent list is just going to get longer. Anyways let's get started:

    Hollywood Undead (4x) Deuce live] (The Vatos Locos Tour 2009, Revolt Tour 2011, Venue: HP Pavilion 2011 & The Underground Tour 2012)
    Motionless in White (5x) (The Dead Masquerade Tour 2011, Vans Warped Tour 2012, Mayhem Festival 2013, Van Warped Tour 2014 & Parks & Devastation Tour 2014)
    Escape the Fate (2x) Ronnie Radke] (The Vatos Locos Tour 2009 & The Dead Masquerade Tour 2011)
    Atreyu (The Vatos Locos Tour 2009)
    The Sleeping (The Vatos Locos Tour 2009)
    Alesana (The Dead Masquerade Tour 2011)
    Get Scared (The Dead Masquerade Tour 2011)
    Drive A (2x) (The Dead Masquerade Tour 2011 & Revolt Tour 2011)
    10 Years (Revolt Tour 2011)
    New Medicine (Revolt Tour 2011)
    Dorrough or Dorrough Music (WiLD 94.9 The Bomb 2009)
    Baby Bash (WiLD 94.9 The Bomb 2009)