• ~space

    25 Jan 2007, 16:15 by eesn

    this one goes out to aeioux for calling me a hippie :)

    ok, it's taken me a while to compile this list, mainly because the furthest tracks are spaced some 12 years apart and all that, but i've always been fascinated by an atmosphere that i like to call "space ambience/spaceport|station music", as i first got an idea of it while reading, no, strike that, *playing* neuromancer on the apple//.

    and then the book itself.. you know freeside, the space station that rotates around one center axis, they play dub there. big time.

    and so, with all of the orb and co.'s ambient / spaced-out electronica, bit by bit i kept collecting these rare (not as hard to find, but as ones that don't come out too often) tracks.

    so yeah, Aleksi Virta, Secede, The Orb, kschzt, I Cube and some more over 67 minutes, my voice in the beginning. as part of our regular music feed at !title. there you go.
  • Brothomstrain vs Blamstates

    26 Oct 2006, 14:18 by eesn

    Those who know me well are aware I have a bit of a soft spot about finnish intelligent electronica, most notably a mild obsession with Brothomstates and kschzt, and enormous respect for Lackluster and Blamstrain .

    And those who've been following closely are also aware that I've had a go at remastering "Kobn Tich Ey".

    Now, there's a particular 4/4 track from a Brothomstrain vs Blamstates 12" (on Narita) you should so definitely check out, I can't really emphasize. It's called "Enveloped Diving 2", and, I believe, occupies the whole A-side of NRT09. Perfect blend of techno and soundscapes for the good part and getting really melodic in the, ahem, third third.

    I'm putting this on my iPod and it will stay there for a while, that's a definite.
  • Earth's Hum

    19 Feb 2006, 11:44 by eesn

    I was almost shocked to learn that there's a new kschzt album and it was released months ago. I know Jaak personally and we should have spoken about this album.

    "The Earth's Hum", released on Blasé is very beautiful. It has an almost Autechresque distant soundscape atmosphere, yet it's very warm, playful, very moving. The basslines are mild, and add an almost magical groove to it.

    A brilliant release. Anyone into electronica reading this, you'd be a fool to miss it!