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  1. name: pi-e-
    circle: ROUGH TIME
    www: http://roughtime.hp.infoseek.co.jp/

  2. Circle: Aitherium


  3. name: takayan
    circle: Like a rabbit
    www: http://likearabbit.web.fc2.com/

  4. Also known as 小柳備前 (Koyanagi Bizen)

    Arranger and manager of DDBY.

    Website: http://ddby.jp

  5. Tai no Kobone (鯛の小骨) is a major jazz artist of the Japanese doujin music scene. Besides his many collaborations with various circles, he produces…

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  7. Name: Shishimai3Gō

    Circle: ししまいブラザーズ (Shishimai Brothers)


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  9. Okawa Tomoya is a doujin arranger and has participated with circles like ShibayanRecords and DDBY.

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