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Similar Artists

  1. name: takayan
    circle: Like a rabbit
    www: http://likearabbit.web.fc2.com/

  2. Also known as 小柳備前 (Koyanagi Bizen)

    Arranger and manager of DDBY.

    Website: http://ddby.jp

  3. Tai no Kobone (鯛の小骨) is a major jazz artist of the Japanese doujin music scene. Besides his many collaborations with various circles, he produces…

  4. Music producer and arranger.

    Circle: SJV-SC

    Website: http://odiakes.net/index.html

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  6. Chiba, Japan (2005 - present)

    水橋 ゆっきー (Yukkie Mizuhashi) is a 東方Project (Touhou Project) arranger. His main genres are orchestral, symphonic,…

  7. Circle: Aitherium


  8. name: pi-e-
    circle: ROUGH TIME
    www: http://roughtime.hp.infoseek.co.jp/

  9. TANIGUCHI Hikaru. Jazz pianist, trackmaker, DJ

    Circle: ついったー東方部

    Website: http://tohobu.org/

  10. Saitama, Japan (2009 - present)

    Junpei Fukuda aka ハム (hamu) is an arranger from Saitama, Japan. He arranges music from 東方Project (Touhou…

  11. There is more than one artist under this name:

    1. TAM is a Japanese musician specialized in classical arranges of videogame music (mostly from the…

  12. Pianist known for his arrangements by ear of Touhou Project songs, Music Games, Vocaloid songs and Anime songs, mainly with a jazzy feel.
    He has…

  13. Okawa Tomoya is a doujin arranger and has participated with circles like ShibayanRecords and DDBY.

  14. TAMUSIC (which stands for Try Arrange MUSIC) is a Japanese doujin music circle formed in 2005. They produce classical arranges (piano, violin, wind…

  15. Organizations: FELT

    Circle leader, arranger and vocalist.

    Website: https://twitter.com/nagi_hoshi

  16. name: ziki_7
    circle: Dust_Box_49
    www: http://tsubu.ath.cx/~ziki_7/

    Other alias' include ziki_777, Elizabethan Collar (エリザベスカラー), and Ponerin-kakka…

  17. Name: Shishimai3Gō

    Circle: ししまいブラザーズ (Shishimai Brothers)


  18. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  19. Jazz and house arranger who works in the circles FELT with NAGI☆ and 発熱巫女~ず with Tim Vegas.

  20. name: oiko
    circle: N-tone
    www: http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~n-tone/


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