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  • Birthday Sex <3
  • "fuck it" sounds quite nice, but the rest of "death" feels a bit underachieving, like V...
  • Still и Ecstasy - отличные треки, но кроме них к сожалению и послушать нечего у этой группы.
  • v weirdo
  • @tropicalhaze: because a shitty jj album is still a good album, apparently. Also, I like shit, I enjoy pooping, I've never met a person who doesn't enjoy pooping, and you'd be lying if you say you don't. Pooping is awesome, shit is great!
  • love
  • Se não fosse the sims eu nunca teria conhecido <3
  • <3 <3 <3 <3
  • High Summer EP is the best, every f0cking song
  • how are you enjoying something shitty?
  • Enjoying V a lot more now, but still feeling it's a shitty jj album.
  • come to america
  • V is good but its not what I love from jj. I think they lost some of that genuineness and naiveness that made them so special to me. I will always love them tho.
  • New pic! http://www.last.fm/music/jj/+images/100915313
  • @aaranws: Maybe, it means less melodies and more disconnected sounds in the void, supported by out-of-tune autotune.
  • i rly like the new cd. some sweet ass tunes!
  • what does 'a more artsy area' even mean?
  • Really starting to appreciate V. It's hard not to want a full repeat of N2, so you're gonna get thrown off by the flighty structure and its general pacing, but I think they've really stepped into a more artsy area. They aren't satisfied with just repeating the positive aspects of N2 and that experimental attitude is what made them so great to begin with.
  • I agree with most of you but I still think there are some grains of gold on V. All White Everything, Hold Me, Dean & Me, Fågelsången and All Ways, Always are all really good. But yes far from no 2 though.
  • I am not impressed with V. The lyrics are very forced and not really song very convincing. Also the songs sound too familiar. Maybe VI will have them rebound.
  • jj>>>>JJ
  • Still - AWESOME!
  • Not sure about V yet.. It's not very dynamic and there is too much lovey dovey-ness. They aren't Mum
  • V is kinda meh, at least for me. There's no spark anymore. Not a single song with an even remotely catchy or memorable melody. Maybe antenna is on to something.
  • What I think is that it's actually the time to shut down this jj circus. No chance they will become good (or at least valid) musical act in the future. But continuous media exposure by hippy-trippy magazines and blogs luckily and unfortunately prevents this to happen. C'mon guys, jj in its current form is just a joke. This guy doesn't know how to write simple melodies and this woman even cannot sing. Just void wrapped in hype.
  • who needs melody or hooks when you can say ooohhh whoaaaa eehhhh oohhh whooooa ehhh instead
  • V .... The same shit as everything they did since No. 2, the eternal masterpiece. Having such great and consistent record among dozen of uninspired, boring and pointless songs is really a mystery for me. Maybe they stolen No. 2 somewhere or bought it from some great songwriter.. or are they just drug-addicts? :-)
  • V is amazing. thank you guys. You made this summer special for me. I will never forget this album
  • sls
    Considering this is jj, I was very much hoping "All White Everything" would be a take on "All Gold Everything" - disappointed
  • decent album, but not even close to jj nº 2
  • yes it leaked
  • o, o-ooo-ooow
  • V is better than everything they've done
  • V has leaked??
  • "Yes, the j's are capitalized now" FUCK YOU P4K!!!!1!1!!!!!1!!
  • Oh, never mind, I found it and I'm currently downloading what seems to be jj's new album and I'm trying hard to contain the pee inside my bladder.
  • What is that "V" people are talking about and where can I find it and enjoy it as well?
  • Loving "V".
  • at last
  • You can go back to wearing black now
  • wearing all white everything until V drops
  • all white everything♥
  • V
  • what?
  • music to take drugs and listen to if you're white and think black people are stupid but still want to take drugs and listen to music that steals from them because you're probably a colonialist and your ancestors were rapists
  • Still
  • JJ72
  • годно
  • I wonder why, why you have to lie.


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