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    6 Dec 2008, 20:04 by sjugge

  • James Devane

    4 Dec 2008, 15:08 by nomoremilk

    A great ambient release from a very interesting label:
    San Francisco-based sound artist James Devane is apparently not very fond of fancy titles. His first and self-titled album contains nine tracks, the titles of which reveal their approximate length and the order in which they should be played. For example, the first track, titled “00-08”, lasts eight minutes and thirty-four seconds, while the second one, which lasts one minute and forty-six seconds (thus starting in the eighth minute and ending in the tenth), is called “08-10”. While a rather original way to name your music, it is also indicative of the artist's approach.

    Unlike most of his label-mates at Trans>Parent Radiation, who revel in the production, but not the harnessing, of white noise, Devane explores a side of ambient music where order becomes a priority over randomness, an approach that can affect the outcome in a number of ways, positive or negative. …