• iua - eee ooo ahh + over the archway (remixes)

    18 Mar 2006, 21:34 by one_

    one025: iua - eee ooo ahh
    IUA brings the softer side of shoe-gazing walls of sound across all lines. Bright and hazey baths of noise deliver distinct vocals and melodies, a graceful slow motion momentum reiterated by smooth rhythms, airy instrumentation, and brief moments of breezy noise pop.

    The title - derived from the 3 common sounds of speech spanning all languages - perhaps lends itself to Mike Shusta's vocals which are not in all instances phonetically cohesive or clear, yet leaving no question of or distraction from their emotive slant and importance.

    one024: iua - over the archway (remixes)
    When the idea first came up to do a series of remixes for IUA's release 'eee ooo ahh' we first suspected we would turn to the family-like list of One musicians, but it turned out Mike was eager to recruit the remixers himself so we let him have at it. Not only are the results pleasing but they were in such numbers that it was decided to do a seperate release.