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  1. Members:
    Vocal - YUKI
    Guitar - TOMOKI
    Guitar - TOSHI
    Bass - HIKARU
    Drums - Zodd, now in ゾディア

  2. Oshare band formed in 2004. They have a jazzy, rockabilly-style sound.

    Vocals: Ryuji
    Guitar: Warawara
    Guitar: Makoto
    Bass: Aki
    Drums: Takeshi

  3. PABLO HONEY -パブロハニー- formed in February 2005 and disbanded on Feburary 3, 2007 @ 西九条BRAND NEW.

    ● PABLO HONEY Members ●
    Vocal: 霞-kasumi-…

  4. Die La'vice (ディエラヴィス) was a visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan which formed in 2005/09 and disbanded at 2007/04/30.

    OHP | Visunavi | vkdb…

  5. 七三式 / Shichisanshiki / 73shiki is a japanese visual indies band with a pretty unique approach to both their music and costumes. They play upbeat…

  6. EREMIA is a visual kei indies band from Tokyo, Japan. They formed in April of 2003 and held their first live, a secret gig, a month later at Ichikawa…

  7. CELLT was a five-member visual kei band from the Kantō Region of Japan. The band started their activities in late 2004, but were not well known…

  8. Vizell was a japanese visual kei band, active during 1999-2002.

    Vizell started out as a duo by Tatsuya (vo) and Kaine (gt) under the name Viel;Zeil,…

  9. ジゴロ(Jigoro) is a visual kei band signed to Red List Entertainment , formed in 2005. They disband in 2012/09/04.

    Vocal: 華遊(Kayuu) …

  10. Hear is the blessed union of Hannes Strobl (bass), Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixing board) and Tony Buck (drums).

  11. JackRose are: Re:i (vo), Shige (Gu), Aki (Keys), Shinsaku (Dr) and Syun (Ba).

    JackRose was formed in 1999 by guitarist Shige and vocalist Re:i.…

  12. メロ (Mello) are a Japanese Visual Kei band which started activities at the end of 2005. Their first maxi-single was released in April 2006.


  13. ギャックメン (Gyackmen)

    Visual Kei
    Status: Disbanded
    Debut: 2005


    --Vo. 幸佑 (Yuusuke)

    --Gu. アパッチ (Apache)

    --Ba. ダイ (Dai)

    --Dr. タカユキ…

  14. MADARA (マダラ)

    * Vo.朱璃|Shuri (→Ehpion)
    * Gt. Yuki (→LOST NAME→Ehpion)
    * Gt. You (→ダウナー)
    * Ba. 沙咲|Sasaki (→CELLT)
    * Dr. 雅志|Masashi (→ダウナー)…

  15. Correct tag !!!: 七三式

    七三式 / Shichisanshiki / 73Shiki is a japanese visual indies band with a pretty unique approach to both their music and…

  16. Line-up of D'AIR was:

    Vocal - NAGI
    Guitar - MOTOKI (→Visui)
    Bass - JUYA (→キシュ-qiche-)
    Drums - U-YA → Now LANDZ)

  17. Vocal - 雪花 (yukika) (→ クラッチ → Buddy)
    Guitar - 南海 (minami) (→ クラッチ)
    Guitar - 破邪斗 (hayato)
    Bass - 希巴 (nozomi) (→ クラッチ)

  18. n'DooL is a Visual Kei Rock band from Japan. Not much information is known about the origins of the band or where the members are from. They are…

  19. gechena was a ビジュアル系 (Visual Kei) band consisting of ソラ on vocals (ex. AURORA), ラミ on drums (ex.Lilith→Uma→beaU), カズキ on bass and ユエ on guitar…

  20. Vocals: Berry
    Vocals: ノア(Noa)
    Asian electrical sound module/guitar: マサヒロ(Masahiro)

    Kathakali formed back in June 2005. They’ve released one mini…


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