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  1. Vo: Honjou
    Gt: Hossui
    Ba: Asser
    Dr: Shiga

  2. Muchi Muchi ANAGO (無恥鞭アナゴ) is a "band" made up by members of several angura-kei (アングラ系) bands in the Tokyo underground circuit including Dagashi…

  3. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  4. The rock band Dagashi Kashi is known for their shrill small chinese woman leader and lots of tall men, The band’s image includes wearing traditional…

  5. ・ドリキャス (dreamcast)
    leader / musical performance

    ・シル・サ・マー (SHIRU SA MAA)
    profit, visual-kei



  6. angura/punk band with a revolutionary army theme.

  7. Vocal&Guitar: 天野鳶丸 (Amano Tonbimaru) (passed away in 2013)
    Guitar&Vocal: 沼倉真 (Numakura Shin)
    Bass: ゴキミ (Gokimi), from 東京ヒーローズ and GalapagosS…

  8. http://sound.jp/rauya/urara.html

  9. Voice/Guitar: Belt (Masatoshi Yoshikawa)
    Guitar/Chorus: Tu-Zi-
    Bass/Chorus: Honjou (from 新沼Genji)
    Drum/mac/Chorus: Kemari

    太平洋ベルト (Taiheiyou…

  10. 空想科学病人~紙とメモ紙~ (Kuusou Kagaku Byounin ~Kami to Memoshi~) was a shironuri/angura/visual kei band from Japan active from 1994 to 1999.


  11. Hiromu Toda (戸田宏武) (see also: FLOPPY) and Shimizu Yoshiyuki (清水良行) (see also: COSMO-SHIKI).

    2003.02.13 実録歌謡大全第弌集
    2003.11.02 改造テープ

  12. COSMO-SHIKI is 清水良行 (shimizu yoshiyuki). Launched in 2007, He formed this solo project as an extension of his former band ニウロン (neuron). …

  13. ex-秘密結社コドモA, キボウ屋本舗 エイジ (Eiji) and タッケン (Takken)'s new unit. Their concept is that they're two revolutionary students from the Private…

  14. Fukusuke (福助) is a Japanese electronic singer-songwriter from Kanagawa Prefecture in the visual-kei scene. He is known as the guitarist of the…

  15. Their concept is "pop techno rock."
    They play drama at their lives.


    ノビ太 Novita (programing, making BGM, vocals)

  16. 秘密結社コドモA (Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A) was formed in Japan in 2004 by vocalist Eiji (エイジ) and drummer Dai (ダイ) (both previously in マカロニ). The band's…

  17. Line up:
    加納 摩天楼 / CANOU MATENRO (Voice/Guitar/MODE of ART) (ex.nu:macedo, also in HOT STYLE EXPO)

  18. 毒殺テロリスト(Dokusatsu Terrorist)


    Vocals: イチロウ (Ichirou)
    Guitar: Akubi
    Drums: 妖一 (Yoichi)
    Bass: 涼 (Ryo)

    Past Members:

    Bass: 絵生絵夢Shilo-P…

  19. マカロニ (full name: 人型奇形破裂音楽隊マカロニ -Hitogata kikei haretsu ongaku-tai MACARONI / Deformed human type explosion band MACARONI-, later renamed to…


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