• Taste Evolution.

    28 Oct 2006, 13:50 by dieskies

    I found it to be a good idea to write this journal seeing eklipse's journal much similar to this, except my past taste wasn't bad in some areas and I'm not too embarrassed.

    7 Years Ago and before: I listened to mostly movie scores because they produced some type of image in my mind, when I found that music could do this I really liked these kinds of songs. I also listened to alot of my dad's CDs like J. Geils Band,Led Zeppelin, AC/DC , or whatever CD/cassette my dad would have in his car. In fairly modern rock (it's the late 90s), I liked Creed, Sugar Ray, Green Day, and Puddle of Mudd.

    6 Years Ago: I listened to purely top 40 of 2001--Britney Spears (when she wasn't as bad--you know, Oops I Did It Again, Lucky, that stuff) and N*Sync in particular. I had some friends who would only discuss who the cutest member of N*SYNC was. I also liked Eminem a bit, but my mom never let me buy his album. Though this was a bad stage, it only lasted for about...6 months. …
  • Since everyone else did it... A-Z artists

    28 Sep 2006, 16:22 by Kumama

  • Seemed it could be interesting

    15 Aug 2006, 05:20 by hyper_noodle

    Answered with Winamp:

    Total number of tracks: 2812

    Sort by song title:
    - First Song: (miss)understood by ayumi hamasaki
    - Last Song: Yumede Aeruyo by RAM RIDER

    Sort by album:
    -First Song: 1 Time by t-kimura
    -Last Song: Cafe Roza ~For Johnny & Mary~ by Move

    Sort by time:
    Shortest Song: Totsupeki! Gran Sonik by m-flo 0:06
    Longest Song: Too Wonderful Disc 2 by Double 78:01

    Sort by artist:
    First song: Bricks by 245
    Last song: Injection (TK Remix) by Zento

    First 10 songs that comes up on Shuffle:
    01. End of the World by ayumi hamasaki
    02. Endless Sorrow "Brent Mini's Gotchic Mix" by ayumi hamasaki
    03. Ako by lee jung hyun
    04. Everything (Hex Hector's Club Mix) by MISIA
    05. Millenium Waves by globe
    06. A Rule Between You and Me by Move
    07. Salesman by Clazziquai Project
    08. Rakka by Tetsuya Komuro
    09. I'm Still Alone by globe
    10. Face (Eurosenti Mix) by globe

    Top 10 Most Played Songs:
    01. Akai Inochi by MISIA feat. Erykah Badu
    02. Voice by Nobuchika Eri
  • my pants!!!!!

    11 Aug 2006, 11:04 by Exeunter

    i know this is kind of old now, but i figured i'd give it a fling on my recent tracks.

    sooo, putting my iPod on random and adding " in my pants" to the song titles:

    The Brilliant Green - Rainy days never stays in my pants
    globe - seize the light in my pants
    Chihiro Onitsuka - Infection In my Pants
    David Arkenstone - The Dragon's Breath In my Pants
    Nickelback - Never Again In my Pants
    Kiss - True Love In my Pants
    Exile - fallin' in my pants
    ayumi hamasaki - I Am In my Pants
    Ken Hirai - Love Love Love In my Pants
    Linkin Park - Numb In my Pants
    Chihiro Onitsuka - Rollin' In my Pants
    Chihiro Onitsuka -Sodatsu Zassou (Growing Weeds) In my Pants
    Linking Park - Lying From You In my Pants
    Switchfoot - This Is Your Life In my Pants
    Nickelback - I Don't Have In my Pants
    Breaking Benjamin - So Cold In my Pants
    GARNET CROW - flying in my pants
    Breaking Benjamin - Rain In my Pants
    Chihiro Onitsuka - Tiger In My Love In my Pants
    Nickelback - Too bad In my Pants
    Nickelback - Just for In my Pants
  • new deal

    9 Aug 2006, 15:16 by bongo2000

    [ 8月8日の出来事 ]


    globe のミニアルバム『new deal』
     ラテンなにおいを出した2曲と、アルバム『maniac』 (2006) でも試みられたバンドセッション形式による3曲で構成。

    坂本サトル のライブアルバム『LIVE alone 3 ~Tour LIVE alone 3 20050502-0710』
  • Thought About TK

    28 Jul 2006, 09:13 by Di-chy

    Tetsuya Komuro aka TK, a high-profile pop/dance music producer in Japan who's best known for producing a number of hit songs and albums especially in the 1990s, is one of my heroes. I spent my teenage years with a lot of his songs performed by various artists from TRF to globe to 安室奈美恵, and have recently realized that I really appreciate his music.

    Not only did he write catchy and "karaoke-friendly" melodies for the pop audience, he has brought a heavy sounds of floor-oriented / music in the market. Particularly in the '90s, his music was always very balanced between pop songcraft and heavier dance music, and that's why I liked it a lot. For example, even now I think that "Boy Meets Girl" by TRF is the best dance-pop song ever in the j-pop history.

    Some critics and snobs are still blaming TK for "producing fast-food music and corrupting the j-pop audience." However, that doesn't even make sense to me…
  • globeの意外なランキング

    27 Jul 2006, 15:49 by digitatorkura

     1. genesis of next
     3. Feel Like dance
     4. Love again
     5. Can't Stop Fallin' in Love

     なななんと1位がgenesis of nextとは。いや、globeの曲の中ではベストだと俺も思うけども、DEPARTURESほどには認知されてない曲でしょ。

     やっぱ genesis of next は、曲も詞も秀逸やわね。何かこう、光線が突き抜けるような、スキッとしたこう、ねぇ。(全然分からん)globe[album]Lights[/album][track]genesis of next[/track]
  • My lovely neighbours... (another boring meme)

    30 Jun 2006, 04:05 by Bara_Megami

    Whoo! My neighbours changed, so I will do a neighbour meme! Arrg, I wrote a big long thing, and compared aour various match scores, and I went to post it and forgot to title to damn thing, so then I pressed back and it was gone!! Luckily, I had this much saved in word...still...

    1. w-inds. (#2)
    2. L'Arc~en~Ciel (#94)
    3. DIR EN GREY (N/A)

    perfectFUTURE (who, for the last few months, has been listening to English punk/alternative music...weird for a J-pop person, but music tastes change)
    1. Heartsdales (#4)
    2. Mika Nakashima (#54)
    3. globe (#57)

    1. Namie Amuro (#3)
    2. 増田俊郎 (N/A)
    3. 下村陽子 (N/A)

    1. Lead (#37)
    2. ayumi hamasaki (#24)
    3. Koda Kumi (#7)

    1. morning musume (#49)
    2. W (#118)
    3. Aya Matsuura (#22)

    1. Ku-chan (#7)
    2. Amuro (#3)
    3. HD (#4)

    1. w-inds. (#2)
    2. Lead (#37)
    3. Se7en (#12)

    1. three NATION (#6)
    2. RIP SLYME (#115)
    3. m-flo (#1 :D!!)

  • That % Mainstream Thing:

    30 May 2006, 06:07 by hyper_noodle

    Your top 10 Artists:

    ayumi hamasaki: 40,812
    Move: 7,273
    ATTACK ALL AROUND: 7 (Are you serious???!!!)
    Clazziquai Project: 445 (Man, people need to get more good music in their collections)
    globe: 6,829
    Hitomi Shimatani: 2,642
    Fantastic Plastic Machine: 10,344
    Nobuchika Eri: 149
    m-flo: 15,159
    Lisa: 2,554

    Total: 86,214

    Last.FM's top ten:

    1) Red Hot Chili Peppers - 282,063
    2) Radiohead - 314,360
    3) The Beatles - 298,173
    4) Coldplay - 308,172
    5) Death Cab for Cutie - 207,914
    6) Green Day - 270,005
    7) System of a Down - 226,455
    8) Nirvana - 250,830
    9) Metallica - 219,370
    10) Gorillaz - 230,101

    Total: 2,607,443

    Percentage Mainstream (as of 05/29/06): 3.31%
  • britney spears

    7 May 2006, 05:30 by m0telroom

    1 Why did you decide to take this quiz?
    Track: ~ASAP~ As Soon as possible
    Artist: Hitomi Shimatani
    Comments: Well, I guess it kind of partially answers the question?

    2 Where will you meet your husband/wife?
    Track: We Belong Together
    Artist: Mariah Carey
    Comments: Again, it doesn’t answer the question.

    3 Where will you *cough*hug??*cough* your wife/husband for the first time?
    Track: Around the world
    Artist:Ami Suzuki
    Comments: HAHAHAHA.

    4 What is your secret dream?
    Track: I Like it
    Artist:Crystal Kay
    Comments: yes, I really like it.
    What is it?

    5 What song will they be playing at the morgue when they'll perform your autopsy?
    Track: Be All Right!
    Artist: 11WATER
    Comments: Maybe I’ll have a miraculous recovery from death.

    6 Who will throw a party after you die?
    Track: Goes on forever
    Artist: KOKIA
    Comments: Not only it doesn’t answer the question, but the party will go on forever. >=|

    7 What song describes you when you're so drunk that you can't speak?