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Exploding from out of nowhere, like an aneurysm in a closed mind, comes genCAB, combining genres and rewiring the sound of EBM for a new generation. Dissatisfied by the direction that modern dark electronic music was going, David Dutton kept "generation CABLE" in the shadows since its inception in 2003. Rather than tapping into the trends of sci-fi fables and faux wartime glory stories, genCAB writes intelligent and thought provoking personal lyrics about whats relevant to people as a whole… read more

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  • it took me a dozen listens over 5 years to get it but boy have i gotten it now
  • what next album
  • I have no idea if your next album will sound anything like II transMuter or what the subject matter will be, but I have strong faith in the fact if you do whatever you did to construct II transMuter as far as both skill and applying heart/soul to the process it will be a great album. That said even if worst case scenario it blows and II transMuter was a fluke I would still hold it in prestige as a classic album and will always remain one of my favorite albums to listen to or at the very least I'll always appreciate the entire production as the art it is even if my musical taste changes as it tends to do over the years, but classics stay classic regardless of genre. "Caged in ribs and rhymes I can fake the joy and I guess sometimes I prefer the void, but I swear somewhere deep within that hole lies a filthy heart that once was a soul " Probaly my favorite line on the album both for it's structure and it is a feeling I know all too well.
  • Going through my music collection II transMuter is one of my favorite albums of all time so much so despite gencab not having a huge roster of albums for me to compare and dissect him as an overall artist I can't help but put gencab in my top 10 artists/bands of all time just because of how powerful II transMuter is. It's a complex album in so many ways, ways I am sure a lot of people overlook upon first or even second listen. The songs all have different sounds and variations of style, but nothing feels out of place and it flows so well as an album progression wise. The fact every single track is strong enough to stand up to being spam replay button worthy is just a bonus. The lyrics are deep, deeper than the surface shows, it really is the emotion that is behind the words that make them so powerful that shines through when the vocals come together with the music and make true art. Maybe I'm just weird, but this was an album that struck a chord with me then and still does so now.
  • Loving your remix of "Hallowed Be Thy Name", will spread the word of your greatness.
  • August 26th. 5 year anniversary of II transMuter. Fucking blew me away back then and still does.
  • there he is the evil tag master. hahahaha!
  • Listening Trend 6,666listeners all time 103,822scrobbles all time
  • Yeah, the tags are screwy but...why the hell have so many tagged him as IDM? Just because he listens to Autechre and Gridlock doesn't make this music that. Sure there are _elements_ of that sound in this music, just as there are (minute) elements of trip-hop as well. Doesn't make it that either. It's modern industrial/EBM, nothing more, nothing less. I really dislike genCAB showing up when I'm listening to IDM last.fm radio.

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