• Building it to endure the...

    7 Oct 2010, 12:11 by fragmenti

    Q: To endure what?
    A: Everything

    Q: And the probability you are wrong?
    A: Very close to "you'll never know…"

    Q: The materials used for the Strukturi (Structures) are?
    A: The common ones, from the tight ones that give us the banging sounds, the sharp annoying sliced metal generated ones, the shallow pipes, never-ending synth sounds that build and build by itself constructing their own climax and also the modulated ones, the feedback and strumming is always helpful for consistency and so on…

    Q: And all wrapped in repetition…
    A: That’s the Delay speaking. At first it may sound that way, but you can never tell the previous 5 sec, minutes, were same as the present or those in the waiting line.

    Q: Why 3 Structures?
    A: It’s 1 Structure.

    Q: The Album title says Strukturi (Structures).
    A: 1 Structure divided in 3 self sustaining Structures. 1) The object itself in individualistic position, 2) The inner methods of functionality and 3) And the boundaries used for shaping purposes.