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f(x) - (에프엑스) pronounced "effects," is a girl group from South Korea signed under SM Entertainment.

Debuting on September 2nd 2009 with their first single "LA chA TA." The members are Victoria (leader) (빅토리아), Krystal (크리스탈), Sulli (설리), Amber (엠버), and Luna (루나.)

"f" stands for "flower", and like a flower, they will blossom. The "x" stands for the female chromosome "xx," as well as standing for a variable, where if the 'x' changes, the result will be different. Which correlates to the members diverse skills and backgrounds, which will allow them to not only flourish in Korea, but by changing their x-factor or variable, they will also succeed overseas.

In addition, Korean-American member, Krystal, is the younger sibling of Jessica (member of 소녀시대, also under SM Entertainment.) Chinese member Victoria, is the leader, and Amber is a Chinese-American.

The special charisma and features of each member:
- Victoria - sexy, feminine charms
- Krystal - pure, girly charms
- Amber - sharp, boyish charms
- Sulli - cute and friendly charms
- Luna - feminine and matured charms

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