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Coming from a background of rnb, hip hop, acid jazz, metal, electro funk, classical, blues and jazz, Joe Novelozo (aka Ezeekil – prounounced Easy Kill) gathered all the goodness of each genre and directed it toward dnb production. Ezeekil has a broad variety of styles that influence not only the music that he loves to produce, but also the moods that he may have at any given time. Born and spending most of his childhood in Pensacola, Florida, then moving west to San Diego California, he would dissect music he listened to, hearing the separate sounds that made up the music behind a song.

"There is most definitely an intimate connection between how I feel and what I hear (music) and see (visuals). I guess you could say im a very sound and visual orientated person. When im "listening" to music, theres no discriminating. When im writing however, that's a different story. But then again, to me, dnb encompasses all the feelings and moods that I might find in all the styles of music that I enjoy”, explains Ezeekil.

Joe’s music production process began with Cubase 5.1 on a G4 400 Mhz Macintosh. Launching the program was the easiest part of the whole session.

"I was only able to hear two tracks at a time, if I was lucky 3 to 4 but only for a brief 2 bars at a time! After getting down the ideas I had, I would have to wait till I exported out a wave of the combined tracks I had written to get an idea of where it was going."

“So the writing process relied almost completely on the ideas i had at that moment stuck in my head. painful is a total understatement of what it felt like having all these ideas in my head and not being able to completely materialize them with the equipment I had.”

During this time, Ezeekil had befriended a producer by the name of Matizz in Germany. With steady encouragement and influence from Matizz to produce more, Ezeekil decided to have a serious shot at writing; not so much for the sake of making a name or making money, but rather for the simple satisfaction and relief of expressing myself through music.

A year had passed until he was introduced to ASC by Matizz. Ezeekil had given ASC a track to listen to; "Messiah". ASC's shockingly moderate criticism motivated Ezeekil to re-write the drum track to fit more appropriately the deeper style of dnb. With the drumtrack re written and a whole new ear pointed toward the deeper style of dnb, ezeekil was hooked. Not long after ASC had moved stateside, Ezeekil ported over to the PC and Renoise 1.28 through ASC's advice.

"To present my ideas efficiently and with an easy learning curve, Renoise is the only tool for me at the moment. Hexidecimal numbers aren't nearly as bad as I intitally thought it would be, I recommend it to anyone, especially the ones familiar with trackers."

Currently Ezeekil is half of Solar Empire (A project comprising of ASC & Ezeekil) and is dedicating most of his time with that project. "By sharing styles and influences through this project, it undoubtedly has helped to improve and refine my own production skills and turning the ideas I have into reality. The standards that ASC sets for anything on his label are so high, that there’s no compromise with quality."

Keep an eye out for Ezeekil and Solar Empire projects hitting record labels in 2007 and beyond. The time has arrived.

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