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Evf is a solo project of producer from Poznan, Poland. This project was born mostly because of his unhealthy fascination of old counting machines. From this dangerous love dancing electro with its evidence impact 8 and 16-bites computers and present idm elements rised. Evf made his debut on stage on the 13th of February 2009 in IQ club in Poznan. He has 4Epk in his output including the latest cyber lifeform, published by Brennessel. We can also find lots of compositions and remixes, which appeared on compilations and compact disc published by a friendly projects.

Full discography:

EP cyber lifeforms (brennnessel)
EP fungus marsh (chill-label)
EP future we are (chill-label
EP we are borg (chill-label)

VA solarystyka (chill-label)
VA little bit o.g.s (chill-label)
VA habanero (chill-label)
VA 1957-2007|50 years of Sputnik (etalabel)
VA chill.02 (chill-label)
VA chill.03 (chill-label)
VA summer mis-shapes (chill-label)

Coding „la posmodernitate mundi” (chill-label)
Kamp! „thales one” (brennnessel)

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