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:Post-heavy-ambient-rock-garage from Tokyo.

ettouchi (pronounced Eh-tor-chi, the name is an old Japanese term meaning the place animals usually go for winter) formed a year ago out of a collaboration between Australian-born vocalist/bassist Matt Juratowitch and guitarist Tetsu Kasahara.

Juratowitch's profound lyrics and tortured soul were a perfect match for Kasahara's twin obsessions, sex and soy. Together they wrote enough great material that Juratowich convinced former Brisbane bandmate Nathan Hackett to move to Tokyo expressly to form a band. With Hackett's production skills and atmospheric guitars, all they needed was a drummer. They literally auditioned 20, as you do with drummers. All of them either just wanted to be rockstars - apparently they hadn't played the drums very long - or, unfortunately, died. Then one day they played with Chris Michael, a sort of Godspeed-style build drummer and Torontonian slut, who fit in perfectly with the band's unabashedly emotional sound.

Since ettouchi's first gig in the basement underneath their practice space, which attracted one fan, Juratowitch's wife, ettouchi have moved on to a regular Sunday night at Milk in Ebisu that attracts hundreds of people. They have played alongside dark Tokyo digital rockers 13cm (www.13cm.net), and released their first EP, "3 Minutes Happiness". The EP's four tracks give a good taste of the melodic, momentum-driven music that has given them the small following that they, frankly, are totally amazed show up out of nowhere to see them play.

Heavy, harmonic bass lines and rolling drum patterns form the foundation for Hackett's ambient guitar and Juratowitch's sparing but powerful singing, capped off with Kasahara's unmissable high, resonant, single-note lead guitar melodies. It's good shit; it's hard and unpretentious live; it's good for a few minutes' happiness.

Matt Juratowitch: Vocals/Bass
Tetsuro Kasahara: Guitar
Nathan Hackett: Guitar
Chris Michael: Drums


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