• Burn It Down

    16 Apr 2012, 14:15 by fm014


    and welcome to the newest
    Last week in covers :
    > J. Cole : yes, sometimes I try something different, even if it’s not so much fun for my ears.
    > Florence + The Machine : I revisited “Ceremonials” and wondered if many tracks sound quite similar. For now I have no answer for that.
    > Linkin Park : as you can see it was all about “A Thousand Suns” (the last studio album). It certainly has some nice songs, but sometimes it also gets odd (including speeches).
    > Lights : I’d rather call her “sweet voice”, because that is so obvious when I listen to her songs. (The best one is “Second Go”.)
    > Nelly : tbh his album “5.0” is not that bad. :-D
    > Lee MacDougall : I guess I like his first album more. But I’m not sure. ^^


    Most played artists:
    > Tom Sinclair : I can almost count the days until the new album. Needless to say that I’m looking forward to it.
  • Boyfriend

    26 Mar 2012, 18:20 by fm014


    I’m in hurry, so that must be one of the quicker
    Last week in covers:
    > Deichkind : I’m still getting into this fine blend of electro and German rap music. Also some witty lyrics really help.
    > Tinie Tempah : I’ve heard his name before, but never really paid attention to his sounds. Well, I still can’t really tell much about it.
    > The Wanted : uhm, I’m sure this is a leftover from last week. (Mediocre boy band pop music)


    Most played artists:
    > mr.tinoforever : his EP “Call To Arms” is still growing on me, especially the concept tracks between the 2 main songs. I’m sure “Marching Drum” provides great remix material.
    > Tom Sinclair : among the “number EPs” (1 to 5) are so many gems. I tend to forget that.
    > Roxette : ooh, expect this band to appear here more often, because I’m really in love with some tracks of the new album “Travelling”. …