• "We are Building a City" - Extended Playlist 080210 - 107.3FM

    9 Feb 2010, 11:40 by Lars_ollo

    This week, we give you rocks, you give us sand, we give you water, you stir the concrete. We are building a new city! Scaffolding, plumbers, hammer, anvil, cranes, build and build up the houses, skyscrapers, then populate them with bakers, chimney sweeps, dogs.

    German composer Paul Hindemith’s 1930 play for children “Wir bauen eine Stadt”, as interpreted 50 years later by Holger Hiller and Thomas Fehlmann, both members of Hamburg new wave outfit Palais Schaumburg and released on cassette only by avant-garde funster label Ata Tak.

    Gibst Du mir Steine, geb ich Dir Sand. Schau ich dich an!

    Themes, please, or feedback or indecent proposals, at your leisure . . . to .

    # > Australian artist or release

    Bernd Schurer - Vibration Recording Of Aeration
    (“Construction Sonor” 2xCD compilation - 2004, Pro Helvetia)

    The Nits - Buildings