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devar - the most deranged and outrageous band to ever
hit the stage!

The coming of devar might have been caused by endless sorrow, the side effects of megalomania, the interest in enigmatic music, or just the affection of everything dark. Or a combination of the above.
It doesn't matter.

What matters, though, is the outcome; the unique sound that the varied background of devars members has given the band. The music can best be described as deep, sombre, mighty darkmetal, with elements from heavymetal, blackmetal, goth and really close-to-all strange, interesting sub-genres of hard rock.
Two manic singers, two hellblazing guitar heroes, thunderous drummer, a deeply disturbed bassist and
wall of synth has given devar a compact but varied sound, not heard anywhere before.

Originally devar was a soloproject, which for years
had dwelled in the mind of devar himself. Some years
ago he started recording some demos, and eventually
released a split single on a small Norwegian label,
together with a strange artist who went by the name
pAsAgLiA. The music was at that time
simplistic enthralling and sombre, with only a glimpse
of things to come.
The need and want to take the music one step further,
as well as to perform live, soon made it apparent that
devar needed to evolve into a band. Not long after
pAsAgLiA's soloproject joined devar, a solid band saw
the night of dark. And after increased musical focus,
devar has grown in a more powerful and deranged
but still remaining true to the original consept of

join us on our way to megalomania!!!

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