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  • Avatar for midk
    I get ya, unknown. I just really like it, for its unusually erratic rhythm mostly. And later in the song (like where the beat drops out @ 3:30) there's portamento on a synth in the background, it's pretty subtle, but check a spectrogram and you'll see it. :>
  • Avatar for rockopa53
    perfect insanity, where is my sedative?
  • Avatar for ukdarkangel
    for those who think this is repetitive I don't think you are listening carefully enough :P The suble changes are what makes Deadmau5 great. btw @Unkn0wnumb3rs I'm being slowly hypnotised by your avatar!
  • Avatar for Unkn0wnumb3rs
    @midkThere's nothing wrong with the repetition it's just that this track is a pretty plain track, a filler sort of track, background party or club track. I mean I understand now why this track is plainly repetitive but as a listeners track there's not nearly as much here as other stuff from the album like "There Might Be Coffee" or "Take Care of the Proper Paperwork". @midk, sure you can elaborate on some stuff he's done in his production (your bit about portamento isn't true, the notes don't slide) and I agree, he's a fantastic and unique producer in EDM music, but this track is more a bread and butter track than a gourmet sandwich, in terms of the level of Joels production. It's one melody in several octaves and keys in different styles with SFX here and there. This isn't a track to listen to, more an on-the-go track, which I can understand is quite a lot of EDM music. But for deadmau5, I feel this is still a pretty bare-boned track.
  • Avatar for rizura
    I love this and yet I kinda wish it would actually go a little bit further somehow. It's missing a certain something that I can't put my finger on, but that beat is so distractingly good I can't be arsed to even worry about it that much.
  • Avatar for justfetus
  • Avatar for LuthisGetDown
    Dat Bass!
  • Avatar for SlimTim23
  • Avatar for causa_prima
    Maths! Wat R U Doin.. Maths! Stahp! So stucked in my head i'm doing math all the day. DAA dada daa da daa dada daa da da..
  • Avatar for efstajas
    Holy fuck what an amazing riff. Sounds so cool. This track has an enormously great flow of energy.

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