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  • Avatar for Spontaneuphorie
    "Raise Your Weapon" -never heard such a smooth and mesmerising voice.
  • Avatar for Antiwitzfigur
    Wonderful vocals in 'Raise your weapon'. Touching my heart.
  • Avatar for redbull_steam
    Right This Second
  • Avatar for caustic13
  • Avatar for NatzeZ
    great <3
  • Avatar for Zuch_Partyzant
  • Avatar for MegaWatt_Man
    Nowhere near as good as RAT, but still a good release
  • Avatar for FauveTerror
    sounds good :)
  • Avatar for WaQaS-91
    A city in florida isn't 'new' either, came out ages ago as an exclusive download for europe tour ticket buyers
  • Avatar for Gladius_Maxx
    Cthulu Sleeps and A city in florida are the only good 'new' tracks off the album. Everything else is average =/
  • Avatar for Krl4991
    Jeżeli wektory o wspólnym punkcie przyłożenia o wartościach 4 i 4 będą ustawione do sobie pod kątem około 48,6 stopnia to ich iloczyn wektorowy wyniesie 12 :D
  • Avatar for -Inv
    I LOVE THIS ALBUM. The best from the mau5
  • Avatar for Erezac
    Great album with great tracks, no complains. For fresher tunes and aspect, I look forward to his whole new album, with whole new tracks, which he has said to be recording from january to march.
  • Avatar for redgloam
    Let me amend my previous statement, slightly: The dubstep songs are awesomeness, and thus, are nothing like his previous albums, and therefore, the album does bring its own sense of freshness (toward its end). There.
  • Avatar for redgloam
    Don't get me wrong, I love Deadmau5, but this feels more like an extension of For Lack of a Better Name, than its own thing. It is not altogether too different from past work. That's not to say it is not good, or that I do not like it. Just was expecting something a little different/fresh... but it is enjoyable!
  • Avatar for robslater90
    Pretty fucking epic. Listening right now. Only track i don't really like is Sofi needs a ladder, because of the vocals, ruins the song IMO.
  • Avatar for zEH-
    NICE ONE! =D
  • Avatar for Steeeveee
    657 plays already. :)
  • Avatar for Therapist911
    Альбом блеск. Очень понравилсяю честно не ожидал , что так понравиться =)
  • Avatar for arcenon_nl
    Love the sound of their new album ^^. Beats 'For Lack Of A Better Name' for sure...except for the one featuring Rob Swire ofcourse :D
  • Avatar for Ambryer
    ahhhh favorite!
  • Avatar for photon_man62
    >implying you don't just have a different opinion because you want to seem special || yeah.
  • Avatar for KabelSatan
    ITT: fans have a hard time admitting that he actually does dubstep better than prog house he just based his career upon house because it yields more money.
  • Avatar for grecoroman
    Could be much better ..... and don't do dubstep if you re not good at it
  • Avatar for YF993
    Deadmau5. You are not a dubstep artist for a reason. You are good at progressive house. Keep to that.
  • Avatar for Korado3D
    ''Raise Your Weapon (Feat. Greta Svabo Bech)'' - great song.
  • Avatar for YamTrigger
    Track 2 FTW!!!
  • Avatar for mrjeffreydahmer
    not bad
  • Avatar for br89
    Can't wait for this [2]
  • Avatar for LOLsharms
  • Avatar for h4xz0rz
    Can't wait for this.
  • Avatar for Davviid
    1,231 plays (158 listeners) 59 plays in your library Decent, not as good as a proper album.


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