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  • Avatar for danygot
    collab with grimes again plss
  • Avatar for timothyzha
    music for keyboards V is the one
  • Avatar for etherealbondage
    is this hipster rap?
  • Avatar for Nagsworth
    music for keyboards iv, "dread god"... BANG ON THE FUCKING MONEY, absolutely gorgeous
  • Avatar for God-Dog
  • Avatar for Geraldsz_
    could soundtrack any rpg (4)
  • Avatar for amilee
  • Avatar for wendyzgrobu
    He has a voice like Phil Collins
  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    could soundtrack any rpg [3]
  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    music for keyboards series :)
  • Avatar for bravodiegobra
    <3 #85
  • Avatar for pokolo
    yeah "blackout" is very video game-esque.... i could see him doing a Zelda soundtrack or something.
  • Avatar for glentennis
    Man I wish my parents were cool enough to buy me synths and a sequencer when I was 4, I agree that he could make amazing RPG soundtracks
  • Avatar for frobroSkeet
  • Avatar for JorechDalc
    Apenas empecé a escuchar a d'Eon y me enamoré. Lo encontré por Darkbloom y de ahí me seguí con todos los volúmenes de Music for Keyboard y LP, es fantástico.
  • Avatar for Dowgellah
    quite the body of work this guy's developing
  • Avatar for dubt33
    LP was my album of the year 2012, no doubt
  • Avatar for craftart371
    He looks like a longer hair-ed Jack Black :)
  • Avatar for MyNameIsEno
    Damn, #15
  • Avatar for Drakemirow
    magnificent piano player, was a real pleasure to watch him play with so much expression (and heart).
  • Avatar for cerebrohervido
    TE AMO.
  • Avatar for apacce
    could soundtrack any rpg
  • Avatar for scomatsho
    LP is one of my favorite albums of 2012 regardless of lists.
  • Avatar for fourtyandablunt
    Fuck lists! Only thing that matter is that some people had crazy trips with each listen to the LP. It nearly saved my life this summer) Big ups to everyone who rates this album high.
  • Avatar for Heliosphanic
    LP was such an underrated release. It really slipped beneath the radar of a lot of people I think, I don't understand why it's not present on more end-of-year lists.
  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    got it -- it's great. Vol. II is maybe even better, reaping so much beauty from a blink-182 is brilliant
  • Avatar for Goddess_of_Smut
    I really, really enjoy this
  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    where does one find Music for Keyboards Vol. I in mp3??
  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    love the FFTactics sample
  • Avatar for holyfool_
    É o cara que usou o hip hop com som de celular tocando nas caixinhas de som KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK R.I.P.
  • Avatar for HomingLasers
    Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda, Hitoshi Sakimoto eat your heart out.
  • Avatar for MyNameIsEno
    Third one is killerrrr
  • Avatar for dubt33
    @MyNameIsEno third one may be the best so far, although i enjoy the second one too :)
  • Avatar for MyNameIsEno
  • Avatar for nom_nom-
    fuck grimes
  • Avatar for Deadr0ckSJ
    Dear sweet fuck, I never thought I'd take to his music as much as I have! Just so damn good xD
  • Avatar for darkR0yalty
    i wanna lick your hair
  • Avatar for dubt33
    iphone religion haha!
  • Avatar for Gerard87
    Peter Gabriel, iPhones, Religion
  • Avatar for MyNameIsEno
    I took her out. It was a friday night.
  • Avatar for CuppaLastHuman
    I'm not sure if I could get into LP but I do like Music for Keyboards
  • Avatar for AdvertS
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    This is nothing like Laurel Halo. Good, but it lacks the depth of Halo's music
  • Avatar for uiaccsk
    laurel halo sucks compared to this
  • Avatar for Jugallobaby
    Century by century!!!
  • Avatar for woogin
    I think Laurel Halo and D'eon both deal with the anxieties of living in our current age in similar ways, though I'm still working my way through both LPs. Both are pretty fucking amazing though.
  • Avatar for GlacierOcean
    LP and Quarantine are pretty much exact polar opposites. Latter being cold and industrial while D'eon has tons of humanity and soul on LP. Both good records tho. Also, those synths!
  • Avatar for MyNameIsEno
    Don't see the LP - Quarantine comparison. Dig it nonetheless.
  • Avatar for guiguiboulz
    male Laurel Halo
  • Avatar for Dowgellah
    can anyone recommend something similar to his spectacular Music for Keyboards vol.I-II?


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