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When most people think of hip hop, cosmo|gray isn’t what would come to mind. As a matter of fact, this hip hop duo from Wayne, Michigan is nothing like the majority of their hip hop counterparts. Their unique, eclectic, and futuristic sound makes their music difficult to place in a single genre, but most would describe it as indie hip hop. Also, their music consists of light and dark soundscapes, melodic hooks, and intricate, powerful lyrics. From their perspective, Mic and Skye feel as though their music would be, hypothetically speaking, similar to a Kanye West meets Pharrell Williams collaboration.

cosmo|gray says they view music in a different light, even seeing it as a color, which explains the title of their upcoming album, “HUE.”

Skye Allen

Dwayne Allen Davenport (born November 28, 1989) better known by his stage name Skye Allen, is a hip hop artist, song writer, and producer. He became interested in music at an early age, and in the beginning, Skye began to craft his rhyming ability by listening to artists like Eminem, Nas, and Andre 3000. Later on, he became inspired by alternative bands like Incubus, and Coldplay, which made him write more emotionally-driven music. Using various production software, Skye honed his ability to produce various sounds and create his own unique style. He was recently recognized in August 2011 when he was featured in OurStage’s online magazine, where he was respectfully compared to the infamous Canadian rapper, Drake.

Mic G

Michael Steven Grayer (born March 7, 1991) better known as Mic G, is a hip hop artist and producer. He has been interested in music ever since he can remember, but it wasn’t until he met up with fellow band mate, Skye Allen, that he started to take creating music seriously. He even remembers when he and Skye would sit for countless hours writing songs to industry instrumentals.

Mic would describe his individual sound as dark space, very mellow, yet very powerful. While improving his skills as a producer, he started listening to different genres, mainly indie pop and techno. His biggest musical influences are Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Pharrell Williams, and European music is his biggest influence overall.

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