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  • Avatar for InKursion
    this stuff takes me back to some fleshy teen fruit times
  • Avatar for Red_October2
    One of the best hip-hop groups
  • Avatar for MissLovelyNora
    Best hippity happ album ever
  • Avatar for lookehpee
    their first album is such a masterpiece
  • Avatar for nogenepool
    Ten was removed from Rdio :( Did they change rights recently?
  • Avatar for PetitSagittaire
    The original cloud rap.
  • Avatar for TarityRacos
    man these dudes sound like dorks
  • Avatar for Notjoeybloom
    [url=]Jack White covering cLOUDDEAD[/url]
  • Avatar for HedorianForever
    Boards of Canada is for the whole family [2]
  • Avatar for MrCuckoo
    It sure is cLOUDDEAD out tonight.
  • Avatar for yspyg
    I check this shoutbox like once a month to see whats new and I laugh every time at the "Boards of Canada is for the whole family" comment
  • Avatar for David-Haller
    If you like cLOUDDEAD you may like my two new songs: or may not. I dunno.
  • Avatar for hasture
    My Brain!
  • Avatar for ComradePoos
    "Sounds like Boards of Canada for children and metalheads" - eh? more like the other way around, this is so much less accessible than BoC
  • Avatar for tobacconist
    you know what's this one thing that these guys & James Blunt have in common?.......................................................................................................they both said fuck in their pop songs
  • Avatar for anecdotal
    whats the knock knock joke??? and fuck off boc are sick
  • Avatar for Gwynbleiddsfang
    Boards of Canada is for the whole family
  • Avatar for smuckersjelly26
    boards of canada is for kids tho
  • Avatar for Yeedil
    Supposedly reissues of cLOUDDEAD stuff are coming out according to Yoni's podcast.
  • Avatar for marmaluke
    Dead Dogs Two <3
  • Avatar for bonsek
    by far the most underrated hip hop group I know of
  • Avatar for dtuominen
    @Insomniasaur thanks for that live in montreal upload, nice to hear the live renditions in quality that's not from the tour DVD.
  • Avatar for clutnuckle
    Sounds like Boards of Canada for children and metalheads. [2] ya
  • Avatar for Dr_MoonOrGun
    Anyone know how many copies of each of the 10" singles were pressed? 1000?
  • Avatar for neonowyflaming
    that's hip hop? more like trip hop. still nice
  • Avatar for thelastsignal
    These guys are visionaries; love Dose and Why?
  • Avatar for ArousedNinja
    @Insomniasaur - it's not yours
  • Avatar for SillyKateFace
    Make more albums, dammit!
  • Avatar for Insomniasaur
    cLOUDDEAD's live set from June 9th 2002:
  • Avatar for Paynomindtous
    God I love clouddead I forgot how much [2]
  • Avatar for John__Lemon
    God I love clouddead I forgot how much
  • Avatar for djcdominic
  • Avatar for akai_android
    Sounds like Boards of Canada for children and metalheads.
  • Avatar for The_Goodfella
  • Avatar for SillyKateFace
    Yum ^_^
  • Avatar for Insomniasaur
    There's my tennis ball
  • Avatar for mister_tussin old school interview ripped from @yspyg's tumblr
  • Avatar for nerdist
    brings the shit out of me. such a great stuff.
  • Avatar for ChinkyindaBrain
    Sunset is all day process
  • Avatar for Echoculture
  • Avatar for eminocco
    listening to Dead Dogs Two makes me feel 14 again.
  • Avatar for faphardretard
  • Avatar for Insomniasaur
    That's terrible.
  • Avatar for Notjoeybloom
    Oh jeez! That is HORROR story! Some mailman to be named later must not be doing his job.
  • Avatar for Dr_MoonOrGun
    Horror story time: I ordered a copy of 'I Promise Never to Get Paint on My Glasses Again', and my mailman decided to cram it in my mailbox, effectively snapping it in half.
  • Avatar for lmerr
    I was listening to 'our name' on my drive home from work, and as I stopped at a stoplight (I was the car in front), the drone at around 4 minutes was blaring. It was loud enough to mask the sound of everything outside, even with my windows down. For a moment I questioned whether or not it was actually the song making the sound, or if it was my mind slowly dissolving. I began to space out, staring at the intersection, and started to dissociate from my very self. I questioned EVERYTHING. Then the light turned green, and I put my penis back into my trousers . . . What I meant to say was "Thanks for making good tunes".
  • Avatar for yspyg
    There is no such thing as too much Yoni Wolf. In fact, there should be more Yoni everywhere.
  • Avatar for mrmocha
    Would be better if there was less Yoni Wolf.
  • Avatar for ethan_pl
    Why should there be anything wrong with you because of that?
  • Avatar for absinthdelmar
    i don't like it what is wrong with me?


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